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Negative Impact Of Hate Crimes In Canada

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Google (2014) states, “a hate crime is a crime that is motivated by racial, sexual, or other prejudice, typically one involving violence.” Hate crimes in Canada have negatively impacted our society in political, social, economic and cultural forums. In Canada we have to freedom to hate, the primary question that is raised is to what extent? Hate crimes do harm individuals and groups, and there should be a limit. As when an individual infringes upon ones safety his or her rights can be provoked. Hate crime victimization is a broad concept within hate crimes, it sheds light on occurrences and prejudice certain groups and individuals face, due to there background and identity (Chakraborti, ...view middle of the document...

It discusses major cities that these crimes occur in, motives behind these crimes and individuals and groups that were primarily targeted. It is important to include a policing perspective on the topic of hates crimes within in Canada. Police officers deal with this crime on a first hand basis; they can provide us with knowledge that an ordinary citizen wouldn’t be able of providing.
Hate Crimes and Victimization in Canada
Hate expression negatively impacts our society, individuals who are victim of hate often loose any dignity or self-worth that they posses (McKay, 2004, Summary). The primary message that hate crimes demonstrate to society is that certain groups and individuals are unequal to the rest of society, therefor the rest of society is above them. (McKay, 2004, what is meant by hate). The second message that the victims of hate crime are receiving is that they may have threatened the majority group or they do present a threat (McKay, 2004, what is meant by hate). As a result, they majority population believes that the victims of hate crimes are entitled to the same liberties and basic rights as the rest of society (McKay, 2004, what is meant by hate). Victims of hate crimes may feel that they are not wanted and welcomed within society. (McKay, 2004, effect of hate expression) As a result they will find it necessary to defend themselves, their culture and society (McKay, 2004, effect of hate expression). This will eventually lead to problems such in our overall society such as violence; they will attempt to defend themselves (McKay, 2004, effect of hate expression). Hate crimes are many times referred to as “message crimes”, they are showing the victim that they aren’t wanted in the, and that they should return to where they ordinated form (Chakraborti, 2012, para. 3). This results in subgroups being formed, and will lead to the end result of gangs being created (King & Winterdyke, 2010, p.13). Hate expression can be found in many places and can be portrayed in different ways and forums. Hate can be expressed in non-verbal forms such as images and graffiti; it is more difficult to track down the perpetrator when this method is being used. (McKay, 2004, where is hate expression found). Other methods would include face to face communication, the majority of this type of hate would occur in the work place, at school, in speeches (McKay, 2004, where is hate expression found). Many of the victims involved in hate crimes are members of a minority group. This will result in them being discriminated against, the dominant groups within society will forum prejudices and stereotypes against them. As a result, when the hate crime is committed it won’t be looked up as seriously as when a hate crime is towards a integrated member of society (Chakraborti, 2012, para. 6). In each forum of hate the question that law authorities and the government have to ask the question, to what extent is the hate crime or the action of the individual harming the...

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