Negative Impact Of Social Networks Essay

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The Internet and social networks have become a great source to the world and everyday life. However there are many negative aspects of using the Internet. Social networking sites such as Facebook, Twitter and Google are very popular and a lot of individuals use these sites to socialize with others. When using these sites researchers say “they increase cyber crimes and bullying throughout various communities”. However many may feel as if the dangers of online networks are exaggerated. Social networks are dangerous for teens and adults because of health issues, job opportunities, and legal issues.
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A lot of users are not familiar with others out of social sites and that can cause an issue.
When using Social networks you cant really blame these social sites for the negativity that goes on. Social sites don’t actually abuse or hurt anyone it’s the users who exploit and use information against individuals. People comment racial feeds and display sexual content on these sites those individuals have access to see. The power of the typed/written word can affect and be taken very serious. In todays generation researchers call this online bullying. Bullying is a lot more common and many things are used to prevent and to protect these users who have been victims of online bullying. Cyber bullying among students and teens is a dangerous epidemic based upon the research found.

There have been cases in America where cyber bullying has caused teens to lose self-esteem and lack motivation, due to them feeling afraid and ashamed individual’s mindsets change. There have been cases where teens and young adults have committed suicide or committed homicide based upon the way these bullies have said or leaked...

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