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Negative Implications Of Fast Foods On The Body

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We live in a society where we are surrounded by fast foods restaurants. Fast

food companies spend the most money on advertising. They do this so by targeting

& attracting mainly kids with commercial on children’s network. A great example

would be McDonalds, where they offer toys with happy or kids meal so they get the

kids excited and make them come again. Most teenagers enjoy eating at fast food

restaurants because it is cheap compared to buying healthy foods as well as adults

often go to fast food restaurant because fast food is cheap, easily available, and

convenient. However, there are many negative effects of fast food on the body.

Fast-foods contain many fat, sodium, and sugar and when consumed, in the

long run it will result in many health problems such as heart disease, cardiovascular

disease, diabetes, and arthritis. The main negative effects of fast food on the human

body will be discussed below.

Most fast foods contain saturated or trans fats and once a person consumes

too much junk food daily, the fat starts to accumulate inside their body, which can

cause them to gain weight and become obese. One risk factor can lead to other risk

factors. For instance obesity can result in increasing the risk for getting very serious

chronic illnesses such as cardiovascular disease, diabetes, arthritis, etc.

Consuming large amounts of fat can also lead to hypertension (high blood

pressure), which is a chronic condition where the arteries have continuous elevated

pressure. Some of the symptoms of hypertension include shortness of breath,

severe headaches, dizziness, etc. As you can see, these symptoms can

significantly decrease an individual’s performance. According to a study

administered by researchers in Tennessee concluded that children who ate fast food

more than three times per week ended up doing poorly on the literacy and

numeracy test than compared to the children that had no fast food. This is

significant because your brain needs a constant supply of glucose to function

efficiently. Suppose a person drinks sodas and eats refined sugars, this would cause

an escalation in energy, which can greatly interrupt the brain’s function and cause it

becomes fatigued.

The high amount of simple carbohydrates in fast foods can cause the blood

sugar levels in the blood to be high, which can lead to type 2 diabetes. Type 2

diabetes is...

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