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Negative Influence Of Grenouille Essay

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During the closing decades of the post 19th century, the aspects of both French post-structuralism and the history behind the Renaissance movement have constituted a strong driving force towards several works of literature and cultural studies. Throughout the context of this Written in Translation paper, the several minor characters in Perfume by Patrick Suskind, are evident of portraying a behaviour that represents a contemplation of several societal norms and societal pressures set during the time period of French post structuralism and the Renaissance movement. As a result, these minor characters set a negative influence towards the upbringing of Grenouille, as he suffered from a lack of humanity and disassociation of sensibility. Suskind illustrates perspectives of a satirist and a bourgeois conformist through his characters. These characters also embrace the negative aspects of black humour and satire through a lack of humanity and disassociation of sensibility. These minor characters are clearly of post-structuralism and the Renaissance movement as many of the negative traits displayed are from these time periods. In the beginning of the novel, black humour and satire were two significant aspects associated by the caretakers of Grenouille. Throughout the novel, Marquis de La Taillade Espinasse and Baldini portray their character in such a way that it strongly reflects and emphasizes the lack of humanity and disassociation of sensibility. Furthermore, these minor characters have illustrated these actions through the Renaissance movement and the post-structuralism of the French culture.
During the beginning of the novel, Father Terrier takes the prominent role of the father and baptizes the babe with the name, Jean Baptiste. Although this may seem a typical scenario for a fatherly figure, the detrimental satire implied within the history of this name and has left Grenouille quite dehumanized and disassociated from society. An example of this can be shown as Father Terrier states, “Ah yes, and you poor little child! Innocent creature! Lying in your basket and slumbering away, with no notion of the ugly suspicions raised against you. That impudent woman dared to claim you don't smell the way human children are supposed to smell....” (Suskind, p.15). Throughout the social norms of post-structuralism that was set in this novel, there was great shame to bear this name of Jean Baptisite. Only a priest who is spiritually revered would name a babe after a priest, Saint John the Baptist, who met the similar fate of death through decapitation. It is clear that this name later becomes a burden throughout his childhood and this has resulted in several implications throughout his life as: Grenouille is constantly being mocked by his name and is considered as subhuman. In similarity, another birth holder, Madame Gaillard, had raised Grenouille for several years, but she could not care and nurture him with love or affection as she suffered her own...

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