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Negative Leadership Essay

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Organizational leaders across the world need to be self aware of their own negative leadership behavior in order to improve and combat the issue. Most leaders have been promoted or hired into their management roles because they are highly competent and have proven themselves to be successful (Brusman, 2011). In general, negative leadership behavior is the result of poor communication skills and lack of emotional intelligence on the part of the leader (Brusman, 2011). In order for a leader to improve their negative leadership behavior they need to realize when they have made a mistake and strive to not make the same mistake twice.
The Experience
In my current position as a technician for a large telecommunications company I observe negative leadership behavior from my supervisor on a weekly basis. My supervisor holds team meetings once a week to discuss topics ranging from team productivity all the way to our customer experience. Every week my supervisor gets extremely upset and tends to lose his temper and yell at our team when our team as a whole doesn’t reach a specific number of productivity points coupled with a low repeat rate. On a weekly basis my supervisor then threatens to take away the company vehicle privilege of anyone on our team who doesn’t make their productivity and repeat numbers. This is a vicious cycle that I’ve observed every week since joining my supervisor’s team.
Leadership Behavior Analysis
My supervisor will never be successful in his management role because he loses his temper and yells at his employees on a regular basis. Any time yelling is directed at a member of our team or any team for that matter the employee will lose all respect for their supervisor. “A boss who gives lip service will lose respect” (Corelli, 2010, para 5). These actions show that my supervisor has a severe deficiency in emotional intelligence and that he is unable to recognize the errors of his ways as this has been an ongoing problem for months. A team’s success will decline once respect for their supervisor or manager has been lost. Unfortunately once the damage has been done it could take several years to resolve or it might never be resolved.
I have also observed the negative leadership behavior of lack of follow through on behalf of my supervisor. Every single week my supervisor threatens to take away the company vehicle privilege of anybody on our team that doesn’t achieve their productivity and repeat numbers. Every week there is always someone on our team that doesn’t make their numbers but my supervisor never follows through and doesn’t take away their vehicle privileges. The lack of follow through by my supervisor creates a situation in which the employees feel that they don’t have to make their numbers because they know they won’t be punished. In the eyes of the employees my supervisor is nothing but talk, as he fails to follow through.
Supportive Research
In general most leaders that...

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