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Negative Political Advertisement Essay

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“Negative advertising gets the supporters committed and excited” (Bike 1). What Bike is trying to say is that negative advertisement gets people excited and wanting to look into that specific person. This essay is going to be about how negative advertisement should be allowed. People should have the right to pledge whatever they want to pledge in. “ A ban on negative political advertising would open the political world up to those who don’t want to be expose themselves to media bullies” (Admin 2). I believe that if people are scared to expose themselves then they must have something to hide. Even though negative things said about those candidates are not true, I believe that negative political advertisement should be allowed because negative advertisement makes people want to look more into that specific candidate and we are emotionally attached to negativity.
“Negative ads have the potential to spread not only harmful, but false information as well, leaving the viewer misinformed and voting for the wrong reasons” (Dr. 1). What this is saying is that negative ads just confuse the voters because all of the information they put on billboards and the television is false. So the people vote for what they thing is true, but really isn’t. Negative things said about that candidate is not true. This is saying that candidates are scared to do anything because they do not want people saying false things about them. I believe that people should not be scared in less they have something to hide. That would be the only reason why people would want to hide from the media. “Extremely frequent exposure to a negative ad has a backlash effect on how the sponsoring candidate is viewed” (Pederson 1). Pederson is saying that negative ads have effect on the sponsor’s. I think that people should judge the candidate based on the lies that are said about them on media or in the newspaper.
The most important reason I believe that negative political advertisement should be allowed is because we are emotionally attached to negativity. We are emotionally attached to negativity because it is interesting for us to talk about rather than the boring positive information. “They often tell more about the attacker than the person they are attacking” (Chapman 2). What this is saying is that the person that is being attacked gets less attention than the attacker. The public pays more attention to the person that is taking bad about that candidate. Which is what the people want to listen to. “The material must be substantive enough to attract media interest, however, and if the truth is discovered it could severely damage a campaign” (Wikipedia 2).Wikipedia is saying that the information must grab attention or they will not pay any attention, but if the attacker gets caught then they can get into big trouble. If the material is not interesting then the public is not going to want to pay any attention to the things being said about that candidate. Also if the person talking bad...

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