Negative Causes And Effects Of Health Care Reform

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Negative Causes and Effects of Health Care Reform

(Obama Care)

With the Health Care reform (Obama Care) passed as of March 21, 2010 the health care system is now on the wrong track and will begin to expand government spending in all aspects of American's health care. Therefore it will hurt the quality of care for patients, lead to medical bankruptcy, tax inflation, and physician shortage. Studies at George Mason University developed a line chart showing the significant increase of tax inflation for the next ten years proving this statement to be true. (George Mason University 1)

The quality care for patients is going to see a dramatic decrease, due to the fact that there will be a longer wait time for patients to actually see a doctor. The reason being is that with the health care reform now in action more people will be able to afford regular visits with their doctor. Consequently, physicians won't be able to keep up with the number of patients; as a result Americans will see a decline in the high quality of care that most are accustomed to. An article from Investor's Business Daily, titled "The Doctor Shortage" state "Our care will suffer. If the Democrat's plans become law, fewer than 700,00 physicians would be available to treat a patient population growing in size, aging in years, shunning medical education and receiving `free' health care or insurance coverage from the government members." (Health Care Reform) Birth rates and life expectancy increasing, the U.S. population will soon begin to outnumber physicians 112 patients to every one doctor. This is a 41.4 percent increase in patient load for doctors in the next eight years compared to current day, which are 73 patients for every one doctor. (George Mason University 2)

What happens when insurance companies go bankrupt because they can't offer the coverage that Obama Care stated, which is $11,900 per family. The reform is supposed to prevent families from having to file bankruptcy, but won't keep insurance companies out of bankruptcy. A study conducted by economic researchers at Harvard University showed that in 2007, nearly 78 percent of personal bankruptcies were linked to medical debt. Therefore it will more expensive for insurance companies to cover the American people with the medical insurance coverage they are needed with the costs increasing. Obama Care's solution to the rising costs of health care claims that medical bankruptcies would drop as more Americans received coverage, but a study by the LA Times says otherwise. "Studying medical bankruptcies in Massachusetts, whose recent health care reform was a model for the national reform; researchers found that while new insurance rules increased the number of people who had coverage, those rules did not improve coverage, leaving many still struggling with medical debt."(LA Times) Proof from the previous statement goes to show that similar health care plans have been attempted to solve the lack of medical coverage,...

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