Neglect And Its Psychological Effects On Adolescent

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Neglect is a form of child abuse. Whether it’s physical, mental, emotional, or sexual can cause life-long damage to its victims. Child Abuse is a serious and increasing problem in the United States. Every ten second a report of a child being abused or neglected, is reported. According to a recent government national study, reported that more than 2.9 million reports was made to the child protective service in 2003, for maltreatment involving children.
Abuse and neglect is estimated to be three times greater than the numbers reported to the child protective service. Every day more than four children die as a result of child abuse in the home or neglect. Maltreatment includes Neglect, Physical abuse, sexual abuse, psychological maltreatment, medical maltreatment and others. A study was done by the CDC (Centers for Disease Control and prevention), seventy-one percent of our children are being neglected, nineteen percent are being physically abuse, and ten percent are being sexually abuse. Child abuse and neglect definition may vary according to the state, child welfare system, economic. Abuse and neglect is found in combination rather than alone.
Neglect occurs when parents and care takers are unable or unwilling to meet a child's needs. Physical neglect can severely impact a child's development resulting in failure to thrive, malnutrition. Physical neglect can occur in many ways even to people who are not homeless, even to people who have great incomes. Physical Neglect is more dangerous in adolescent African American boys, because they either get neglected by one parent or both. Some boys look up to having their mother or father in their life, whereas some look forward to having both parents in their lives. The psychological effect maltreatment has on an adolescent can cause serious consequences. Some of the consequences can even lead them to dropping out of school, repeating the cycle on their own children, and attachment issues.
Neglect and its Impact on Education
Educational neglect refers to parent’s failure to provide adequate children basic needs. Education neglects generally implies when the parent allows their children to miss school every day, to be delinquents or truant, and sometimes deliberately interfering with their child’s educational development.
Neglected children are more likely to have cognitive loss and severe academic and development delays. When compare to the non-neglected children. When neglected children enter school they may suffer from both intellectual and social disadvantages, which cause them to become frustrated and fall behind in class. Furthermore, neglected children have the greatest delays in expressive and receptive language when compared with abused and non-maltreated children. When compared to physically abused children, neglected children have academic difficulties that are more serious and show signs of greater cognitive and socio-emotional delays at a younger age. These academic difficulties may...

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