Negotiation Analysis #1

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In preparation to negotiate a summer internship at Objective Health, I first determined that my interests and values complemented the other party’s. For example, I was seeking an internship in Division A that reflected my extensive health care industry experience. These interests matched the recruiter’s because he needed to hire for Division A and it required the experience and skills I possessed. As a result, I was confident that we could strike a mutually beneficial negotiation considering my other values: compensation, start and finish date, Boston location preference, upfront signing bonus and housing expense assistance. Despite my confidence, I next assessed our BATNAs; I had a ...view middle of the document...

He recognized my experience, and after some number crunching, he determined that depending on my other requests, we could settle between $12,000 and $13,000. Next, I requested to be placed in Boston. The recruiter asked if I would consider Pittsburgh or another location, however I was adamant about Boston and thus he agreed. Our next topic of discussion was negotiating an upfront signing bonus and housing expense assistance. The recruiter was comfortable attributing a $2,500 of my salary to an upfront signing bonus, but he was less comfortable providing me with housing expense assistance because it was not typically done for interns. However after explaining that my housing expenses would be approximately $5,000, he agreed to give me an additional $2,000.
In summary, our final position was to hire me to work in Boston in Division A of Objective Health. I received $12,000 in salary, $2,500 in an upfront signing bonus and $2,000 in housing expense assistance. We reached this final position because I extenuated my health care industry experience, which differentiated me from other candidates. Additionally, we expressed our mutual desire to strike a deal with each other and were kind and open throughout the...

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