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Negotiation Article Review

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NegotiatingJonathan M. BernardMGT/445September 29, 2014Marie SmithNegotiation ArticlesThis analysis will briefly summarize two different negotiation styles, utilizing articles from the internet. The first article will analyze the use of accommodation while negotiating and will focus on the Comcast/Time Warner merger proposal. The second article will use the integrative negotiation model and will explore how Adidas used it to effectively overcome a problem of which soccer ball design to utilize during the World Cup. Finally this analysis will outline how these strategies impact my current work setting.Comcast and Time Warner announce MergerComcast and Time Warner are the number one and number two cable companies in the US. In early 2014 Comcast announced that it had made a bid to purchase Time Warner for 45.2 billion dollars (Cohen, 2014). This deal will secure Comcast as the one of the largest media companies in the world and give them reach of the majority of cable households and digital assets in the country. The deal has been challenged from competitors as too large and that it will give them an unfair advantage in the markets they are in by reducing competition.Comcast from the beginning utilized the strategy of accommodation. They knew that the SEC and their competitors would scrutinize the deal from the time it was announced. Immediately Comcast put out a proposal to shift some of their subscriber base to other cable companies. This way some of the competitors who felt they would be hurt would actually grow their subscriber base and revenue. Comcast knew they would still have the best markets and some of the smaller markets would be a distraction to their overall plan. Companies such as Cox communication was one of the companies that could now grow from less than 3 million subs to 8+ million subscribers. Comcast was smart to start accommodating many of their would be detractors, even assuring the SEC that they would open more of their pipeline to competitors. The pipeline is how they bring the programming and internet to the homes they support.This merger is not completed yet and Comcast in my opinion is utililizing the accommodation strategy very well. So far every hurdle that comes there way they seem to be able to adapt to and turn it into a positive. They've even started renegotiating deals with some of the companies who oppose the deal for broadcast rights. One big concern was amongst the Hispanic stations feeling they would control Hispanic rights and then not allow competition to be on their service. Already they've signed deals with several companies to show they are willing to work and feel the competition gives the consumer a better experience. Throughout the process it seems they've been able to accommodate challenges before they arise. The process seems to be working and the deal is scheduled to close by Jan 1st 2015. At this point in time it appears that utilizing...

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