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Negotiation Strategy Article Analysis

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Here are two different types of tools that can be used in negotiating deals or situations. In one case the two parties will have to come to some sort of compromise in order to appease both parties and gain on both sides. In the second case, a limited fixed pie situation is used to negotiate but could prove to be detrimental to both parties when they could ensue some losses.
The first situation is one everyone will benefit from and it is the economic stimulus package and how it is coming/came about. The Republicans were against the bill that is proposed and the Democrats are for it. The Democrats and Republicans were in the mists of making adjustments here and there to hopefully bring everyone to a fair compromise. President Obama added, "The bill before Congress isn't perfect, but it is absolutely necessary. We will continue to refine it and improve it. There may be provisions in the bill that need to be left out and some that need to be added” (Mintz, 2009). Finally, when the revised bill was presented again, the bill passed but not by Republicans. The bill must go under another revision and be passed by both houses of congress before it can be signed by Obama. Compromise is key.
The other situation is rather critical because a lot can be lost in negotiations. “It is not unlike a virulent pestilence that paralyzes its host into a rigid mindset, blurring the host’s vision into a fixed stare where its hapless victim can see nothing more than what sits on the negotiation table” (, 2009). Frank Borman, acting President of Eastern Airlines, was faced with an issue of controlling costs in a rough period in the economy. Borman wanted everyone to take a 20 percent wage cut and this would be difficult because he had to deal with three unions...

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