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Negotiation Style Essay

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After reviewing all of the negotiation styles based on the Thomas-Kilmann model, the method that best describes me would have to be collaboration. This method of conflict resolution is considered the win-win choice. Collaborating works with the other party to find a solution that is acceptable to both sides. When collaborating, the parties do not just deal with the conflict, but with the underlying issues that created or escalated the conflict. People talk and listen, communicating effectively to gain insight and points of view that may not have been considered by the other side. The solutions are not partial satisfaction goals, but full satisfaction.
For example, two companies are negotiating to resolve the issue of costs for a part. The first company needs to stay within budgetary limits. The second needs to sell the product and make a profit. By discussing the needs of the both companies, not just the "deal," but communicating the problem for both sides clarifies the needs and from this collaborating can help to resolve the negotiation so both sides can get what they want and need.
Collaborators usually have excellent communication skills. They are able to listen, reflect and understand points of view beyond their own. They are also considerate of those differing points of view.
Collaborating can be seen as giving in to another. This is a disadvantage. There is also a delay while both sides talk through issues; collaborating is not a quick solution. More importantly, if this style is used for deciding the small details it can be so time consuming it is a waste of time. When using this method, the many solutions that can occur to the parties can actually be too many and the focus can disperse among them all, diffusing solution creation.
The advantages are the ability to come to solutions that are suitable for the needs of both. Compromising is also good, but both sides must take partially suitable....

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