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PARIS GRADUATE SCHOOL OF MANAGEMENT - ESGBachelor of Business ManagementNEGOTIATION TECHNIQUESAssignment 2 (25%)Question:Many would argue that the world would be a better place if all negotiations were integrative and suggest that distributive bargaining is an outdated approach to creating value and resolving differences.Discuss.You are advised to use additional sources such as journal articles and textbooks.Instructions to students:Limit words to 2500, excluding the reference list and appendices.Use APA referencing system for the in-text references and the reference list.Marks will be deducted for improper referencing, "cut and paste" job, and late submission.You are prohibited from using ...view middle of the document...

While it is important to develop skills in "competitive" bargaining (eg. When buying a car), or skills that allow us to satisfy our concerns while ignoring the other's goals, this approach has many negative consequences for both our personal lives and for our professional careers especially if we are to have an on-going relationship with the other person. "Integrative refers to the potential for the parties' interests to be [combined] in ways that create joint value or enlarge the pie."(1) Potential for integration only exists when there are multiple issues involved in the negotiation. This is because the parties must be able to make trade-offs across issues in order for both sides to be satisfied with the outcome.All bargaining situations can be divided into two categories. Distributive (also called competitive, zero sum, win-lose or claiming value). In this kind of bargaining, one side "wins" and one side "loses." In this situation there are fixed resources to be divided so that the more one gets, the less the other gets. In this situation, one person's interests oppose the others. In many "buying" situations, the more the other person gets of your money, the less you have left. The dominant concern in this type ofbargaining is usually maximizing one's own interests. Dominant strategies in this modeinclude manipulation, forcing, and withholding information. This version is also called"claiming value" since the goal in this type of situation is to increase your own value and decrease your opponent's. Integrative (collaborative, win-win or creating value). In this kind of bargaining, there is a variable amount of resources to be divided and both sides can "win." The dominant concern here is to maximize joint outcomes. An example is resolving a different opinion about where you and a friend want to go to dinner. Another example is a performance appraisal situation with a subordinate or resolving a situation of a subordinate who keeps coming in late to work. Dominant strategies in this mode include cooperation, sharing information, and mutual problem solving. This type is also called "creating value" since the goal here is to have both sides leave the negotiating feeling they had greater value than before. It needs to be emphasized that many situations contain elements of both distributive and integrative bargaining.. For example, in negotiating a price with a customer, to some degree your interests oppose the customer (you want a higher price; he wants a lower one) but to some degree you want your interests to coincide (you want both your customer and you to satisfy both of your interests-you want to be happy; you want your customer to be happy).A key to success is finding the "integrative" issues--often they can be found in underlying interests. We are used to identifying our own interests, but a critical element in negotiation is to come to understanding the other person's underlying interests and underlying needs. With probing and exchanging...

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