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Neighbourhood Contracts Effects On Social Progress

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Cities are places of diversity: functional diversity and social diversity. The word diversity has become the new standard in the field of Architecture and planning. Considering the rapid flow of use and the globalized models of metropolis of contemporary world, cities are becoming borderless. The dynamics of population and the need for specialization unites people of different background. Being places of unity in diversity, cities are clear images out of the chaos of their elements. Cities, therefore, are whole by themselves. So “Cities have the capability of providing something for everybody, only because, and only when, they are created by everybody.”(Jacobs, 1962) The need to integrate in multi-diverse society for better result needs the contribution of the each. The capability of the city to provide something for everybody will becomes real when there is a dialogue between the different participants, different functions or different stakeholders. The main aim of this paper is to explore this dialogue in between the multi-ethnic group and the authority .The paper uses the perspective analysis that is used in social sciences, especially in film script criticism and public relations.
The word ‘Perspective analysis’ is directly borrowed from the approach that promotes more effective communication and collaboration. It sees the dialogues in between different participants and analyse different opinions with or without their direct involvement. (Donny Ebenstein, 2007) It is a method of understanding things further than their direct response.
In this paper, the case is taken in Molenbeek, one of the multi-ethnic districts of Brussels. It refers the work done by the neighbourhood contract of Brussels, in the Education and employment sector; the lectures given in the course and collects the society’s opinions and analyse issues with different perspectives. It finally answers the basic question of does then Neighbourhood contract (the education and employment sector) in Molenbeek affected the social progress?
Case and Research Methodology
Case study –Molenbeek
Molenbeek is one of the nineteen municipalities located in the Brussels-Capital Region of Belgium. It is known with its ethnical diversity. The district covers 27 % of the area and 12 % of population of the whole city. The population grew by .8 % annually alone in 2012 and average of 1.8% is estimated to grow between 2010 and 2020. The unemployment rate of male and female in 2012 was 30.6 % and 26.6 % respectively in 2012. (Bru19) The Youth unemployment is almost 45 %.
Almost one third of the population in the district are foreign migrants with majority of Moroccans and Turks.
Given the difference in lifestyle form the rest of the city and physical conditions, the city is segregated from the rest of the city. The canal visually separates the district from the rest of the city.
Brussels, as a capital Region of the country, has the highest social and economic activity. The...

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