Neil Diamond: A Reflection On Music

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There are five million musical artists in the world, few write their own music, even fewer have lyrics that are known around the world. In this rare category is the successful musician Neil Diamond (1941- present). He has been creating music which has charmed and become known universally. His lyrics, catchy and sweet, have captivated listeners and made a name for themselves. His music, though rarely controversial or problematic, came back into the limelight when he announced the inspiration behind a popular song which was originally thought to be a love song. American songwriter Neil Diamond went through many struggles as an insecure child; these experiences led to his personal contemporary ...view middle of the document...

” (Wild 189). Though the song’s words came from one vision of his, the music and tune were ignited by the chord and the motivation that came with discovering it.
The name Neil Diamond may not be recognized by everyone, though when the song “Sweet Caroline” is mentioned, it receives immediate recognition. Neil Diamond has had many successes throughout his career.
Most of the lyrics in “Sweet Caroline” are about how times are better than thought and a sense of happiness is brought upon the writer because of this sweet Caroline. As Steinberg explains the progression in the song; “It starts off very gentle… the verse is at the lower end of energy”(Steinberg). He then goes to talk about how the music increases to a more powerful, energetic rhythm (Steinberg). This energetic rhythm gives the song the karaoke effect which has made the song so popular. The song is upbeat and gives the happy, yet calm, feeling as Wild explains “Through good times and even not-so-good times, Diamond offered suburban listeners like us the uplifting and radiant hope of “Sweet Caroline,” for whom ‘good times never seemed so good’” (Wild). This song seems to pull out a feeling, and is a song that everyone wants to listen to. When referring to “Sweet Caroline,” Dr. Charles Steinberg says: “Not all songs both entertain and engage, and that song both entertains and engages.” (Silva).
Though the influence of the song was unknown at the time, Diamond has recently admitted that the song was inspired by a picture of young Caroline Kennedy. In an interview with Fox News, Diamond shares: “‘It was a picture of a little girl dressed to the nines in her riding gear, next to her pony,’ Diamond recalled. ‘It was such an innocent, wonderful picture, I immediately felt there was a song in there.’”(Fox). Sharing this many years later has sparked popularity of the song once again. This just goes to show how powerful and popular Neil Diamond is; as David Wild states: “I’m a believer that Neil Diamond is one of the only songwriters in the world who could make international headlines by revealing the inspiration for a song that he wrote some four decades earlier.” (Wild 20). This statement of opinion is directly about the song “Sweet Caroline.”
There are some controversial thoughts on Diamond’s recent admittance to the inspiration for the catchy “Sweet Caroline” being about young Caroline...

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