Nelson Mandela’s Fight For South African’s Justice

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Many countries around the world have suffered for years to gain political rights and freedom for all people. These countries did not have many resources to help people in their poor conditions. One such country is South Africa, where many South Africans were treated unfairly under apartheid, a law, made in 1950, to separate the African minorities from the white population living in South Africa.1 The Whites banned interracial and intersexual relations between Blacks and non-Black people, and the Black people owned only about 20% of the land.2 Black people were not given political representation, not given satisfactory facilities, and could not conduct any labor unions against the White population. Even though South Africa was free from the British in 1912, the people still went through a lot of difficulties, which were harsher than colonization. 3 South Africa was losing ground, slowly, but the people soon got hope from a famous activist, Nelson Mandela. Nelson Mandela fought for South African’s rights, going through a lot of pain and terror, to make sure that Black people will be treated fairly and equal, in all circumstances, with other races.
Once South Africans got their independence from the British, a group of people gathered together forming the American National Congress (ANC), against the 1913 Land Act, saying that Black people would have to work as sharecroppers and live separately from the White people.4 The ANC hoped to help Black people unite and gain power against these white men’s torture. The Congress also conducted protests to fight for participation in the government, and to reduce taxes for Black workers. Many men and women joined happily, but their protests didn’t last long. 5 White men created apartheid after WWII, giving the African people more oppression, and many of the protests failed to succeed. Soon, many Black people decided to stop fighting, and move on in their lives, continuing with the White domination in South Africa. One man, though, did not stop from this fight; instead he continued onto fierce battles between the Blacks and the Whites.
Nelson Mandela, “the son of a tribal chieftain”, became an ANC activist in the 1940s (The ANC had lost its ground in 1961, shortly after the law of apartheid came into force). He had organized a 3-day protest in 1961 and then went into hiding for some time. 6 Mandela had formed a new organization, combining what was left of ANC and a high class Communist group, called the Umkhonto we Sizwe, meaning “Spear of the Nation”. 7 People planned and debated on when to conduct their first scheme- bombs on December 16,1961. They “were set off at government buildings in Johannesburg and other cities…sabotage attacks continued, mainly on public buildings, railway lines and power installations.” 8Mandela went to South Africa secretly to get more support on South Africa’s problems, but he was arrested in July 1962 and sent to a prison in Robben Island for actions of treason. Mandela...

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