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Neoliberalism In Chile As A Result Of An Extreme Leftist Movement And Pinochet's Regime

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Neoliberalism in Chile

In this paper, I argue that Neoliberalism is the product of an extreme leftist movement and US intervention that Chile’s former dictator, Augusto Pinochet who ruled between the years 1973 and 1990, used to transform Chile into an economic power during the wound down of the cold war era. This essay first analyses the US’s fears of communism taking root in Latin America and the extreme measures the US took throughout Latin America in brainwashing military personnel and promoting military coups. Secondly, I will identify and discuss the tipping points resulting from the left wing going too far. And Third, I will explain the contributing factors in the process by which neoliberalism was implemented in Chile by Augusto Pinochet as a tool to achieve his national project to remake Chile into a society that would uphold his values of private entrepreneurship and economic freedom that would keep the United States and Chileans at bay.

US Anxiety

To begin, I want to start off with the USA’s anxiety of communism taking root in Latin America and how Chile got into the spotlight of the Nixon administration. This was in the wake of the Cuban missile crisis and President Eisenhower investing in a war on communism in all of Latin America primarily Cuba at the time. The US failed against the fight against socialism in Cuba however the US ramped up its involvement in the other americas by investing in the individual Latin American countries militaries and counter insurgency programs through military training, providing military equipment, providing a “School of the Americas” to help counter communism, and even trained military and police how to perform electroshock torture to get information from resistance groups. After the failure in Cuba, the US turned its attentions to the mainlands of South and Central American countries like Brazil, Argentina, Guatemala, Peru, Colombia and even El Salvador. In Brazil, the US invest heavily in the military coup overthrow of President Joao Goulart and supported the military regime for many years on counter insurgencies and electroshock torture application early on in the coup process much like it did in Chile, however; the US did deny investment in these programs until many years afterwards. (Skidmore, 2013). Referencing the book, The Massacre at El Mozote by Mark Danner, Danner describes the horrific events that took place within El Salvador by the Salvadoran army trained and funded by the US and the massacre that took place on hundreds of innocent men, women, and children in the most obscene and barbaric ways. Danner adds to this crime by highlighting the US’s denial of involvement of the incident, the coverup ,and how the press failed to bring this issue to light. (Danner, 1994).Taking all of this into consideration, Chile’s situation in 1970 was particularly important in the eyes of the US. At this time, Nixon was president of the US and it was Nixon’s focus on Latin...

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