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Neon Angel Essay

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The dramatic recreation of the life of a 70's teenage rock star, Cherie Currie. Known as the other twin when she was younger, Cherie often felt “like the ugly stepsister,” (pg. 7) being overshadowed by her identical twin Marie. Being a victim of a rocky childhood after her alcoholic father and her over dramatic, actress of a mother divorced, Cherie often felt as if she were an outcast. In school Cherie was teased and called a freak because of her outlandish style of clothing and her obsession with David Bowie. Finding solace at local clubs that possessed older peers with the same outlook on life a Cherie, she began to find herself. One lucky night, Cherie was acquainted with two people that would change her life forever. A future band mate, Joan Jett and their future sordid band manager Kim Fowley as the two introduced themselves, Cherie's life changed forever. At a tender age of fifteen, Cherie plummeted into a life of rock and roll. Under the wing of Kim Fowley “loud, and as rude as hell” (pg. 80) Cherie found herself using countless drugs, and slipping into a fog of being a rock star. This was her welcome to “The Runaways.”
“NEON ANGEL A MEMOIR OF A RUUNAWAY” is a poignant, honest, and lighthearted. When starting the memoir, right away what is apparent is that Cherie Currie is not dead therefore that is a sigh of relief so no matter what happens bad in the book in the back of your mind you know she endured everything that her life hurled at her. Every life event that affected Cherie, she had a light joke or a better situation to come afterward. By the memoir having a light at the end of the tunnel makes the theme striking and real.
Characterization is profoundly used in “NEON ANGEL A MEMOIR OF A RUNAWAY”. When all band members are introduced in the memoir, there is an extensive description of what Cherie thought of each one of the girls. “She was a young, stunning Suzi Quatro look- alike.” (pg. 62) Is what Cherie though when she met Joan Jett at The Sugar Shack for the...

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