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Who will be there when a baby gets sick or when they have problems, and who will be there to help them, a neonatal nurse? A neonatal nurse is a nurse who nourishes newborn babies back to health. They work with babies on a variety of things such as; prematurity, illnesses, malfunctions, etc. This career is very interesting because the job consisted of working with babies and helping them. Therefore, in order to become a neonatal nurse, one has to do research. This includes the background information, the requirements, job description, and the outlook on that duty.
Neonatal nursing have been around since the 1960s. The origin of neonatal nursing came about from the rates of babies being born ...view middle of the document...

Next, take courses in neonatal nursing and pass the licensure exam, began working as a registered nurse, and build up one experience. Last, one should pass the nursing certification exam and one will begin pursuing their dreams. Many universities or community and junior colleges offer nursing programs, and after receiving a degree and license, it is time to start training. To start training, one must first become a practice nurse until becoming a registered nurse. Shortly after, one will start working in the hospital practicing to work up the neonatal intensive care unit, which has three levels. A neonatal nurse has to have many special skills such as the ability to work effectively with a team, a passion for newborn babies, and a sense to understand physiological and psychological state of the babies. Throughout the entire training and hard work, one does has to be successful in this profession. Who will want someone working with their child without being the expertise, no one?
Mainly duties of neonatal nurses have the responsibly for caring for babies. If a baby is not eating on his or her own, the nurse has to insert tubes through the stomach to help the baby to get their nutrition, then monitor them for feedback. With all the caring of the newborns, the nurse has to record all of the babies’ health conditions, and also be there for parents for emotional support. The neonatal nurse job is basically caring for a newborn the first twenty-eight days of life. Also neonatal nurses work for about twelve hours a day or night shifts or eight to ten hour shifts. Basically, the environment a neonatal nurse works is in hospitals, nursery, the neonatal intensive care unit, and clinics. Neonatal nurse works under the directions of physicians. For a neonatal nurse, salary differs from some reasons. An inexperienced nurse earning is about twenty thousand less than an experienced nurse, but most neonatal nurses make about sixty five thousand annually if worked twenty years and thirty dollars hourly. Even though some hospitals are different from others, most hospitals offer retirement plans and many kinds of insurance for the nurse. Insurance such as life, dental, medical and disability insurance is very beneficial, along with getting tuition reimbursement programs, on-site pharmacies and on-site day care comes with being a neonatal nurse. As for vacations, the nurses get two to four weeks of vacation time a year and can be paid when consulted early.
Being a neonatal nurse can be very physically and mentally stressful, emotional and one...

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