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Nepsy Intro And Description Essay

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The second edition of the Developmental Neuropsycholgical Assessment, or NEPSY-II, was developed specifically as a single measure assessment for children 3-years to 16-years 11-months of age. The test can be used in a general or selective method to obtain a general overview of neurological abilities, or the full diagnostic assessment can be used to obtain a comprehensive evaluation. The results can be used to investigate school-based or behavioral problems, as well as clinical or medical questions regarding executive functioning. Because the assessment involves a battery of tests that are flexible and can be tailored for each individual, it is a highly sought after test of ...view middle of the document...

The general assessment tests five domains, leaving out social perception, while the full assessment tests all six domains. Within these domains there are 32 subtests and four delayed recall subtests (Korkman, et al., 2007a).
The standard NEPSY-II administration kit includes an administration manual, an interpretive manual, two stimulus books, record forms (one for ages three to four and one for ages five to 16), response books (one for ages three to four and one for ages five to 16), a 22 card set for memory designs, an 8 card set for memory names, an 8 card animal sorting set, a memory grid, scoring templates, a set of 12 red blocks, a black pencil for test use, and a training CD (“NEPSY Second Edition”, 2014).
The purpose of the NEPSY-II is to assess cognitive and neurological abilities in children under the age of 16. The assessment can be used as a diagnostic tool in home, school, or therapy-based interventions for academic or social difficulties. The results can be combined with behavioral observations to provide a full analysis which can aid in the development of intervention methods. In clinical studies the NEPSY-II was used in the implementation of interventions for the following disorders: ADHD, Autism Spectrum, emotionally disturbed, hard of hearing, language disorders, mild intellectual disability, reading disability, and traumatic brain injuries (Korkman, et al., 2007a).
The test is broken up into 32 subtests that are contained within six domains. The six domains that are evaluated include executive function and attention, language, memory and learning, sensorimotor, social perception, and visuospatial processing. The general assessment includes all domains except for social perception, whereas the full assessment requires a comprehensive evaluation of all six domains. For diagnostic purposes, the administrator can use selective domains or subtests according to the child’s perspective diagnosis, presented difficulties, and the administrator’s best judgment (Korkman, et al., 2007a).
The domain of attention and executive functioning domain includes the subtests of animal sorting, auditory attention, response set, clocks, design fluency, inhibition, and statue. Under the language domain subtests include identifying and naming body parts, comprehending instructions, oromotor sequencing, phonological processing, nonsense word repetition, speeded naming, and word generation. Memory and Learning provides the subtests of delayed list memory, design memory delay, delayed memory of names, narrative memory sentence repetition, and inference of word list. The sensorimotor domain involves fingertip tapping, hand positions, manual motor abilities, and visuomotor precision subtests. The visuospatial processing domains includes the subtests of arrows, block construction, design copying, geometric puzzles, picture puzzles, and route finding. Finally, the optional social perception category includes affect recognition and theory...

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