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Nerds Of The Football World Essay

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Nerds of the Football World

It’s a typical Fall Sunday afternoon and millions of people are huddled around their televisions at home, or at sports bars watching their local team’s battle on the gridiron for football supremacy. Meanwhile, a growing number of the most diehard football fanatics are sitting around their computers. Why aren’t they watching the game you may wonder? It’s simple. A new phenomenon called Fantasy Football is sweeping the nation.

The goal of fantasy football is to compile a group of players taken from the National Football League (NFL) that will out perform your opponents. Each player you select earns points for doing certain things within the real NFL game each week. Players score points by rushing for a certain amount of yardage, catching a pass, scoring a touchdown, and a variety of other things which occur in the real game.

The game is both simple and complex. A group of people form a league and set a date for a mock draft. Prior to the draft the league decides what their roster will entail. A typical Fantasy Football League (FFL) usually consists of one quarterback, two running backs, three wide receivers, a kicker, and a team defense. More established leagues will sometimes draft individual defensive players, but the standard league still sticks with a team defense. Now that the roster size and description has been established the league gets together on a preset date and time via the internet and the draft day carnage ensues.

It’s not called a mock draft merely because you are simulating a real NFL draft. Oh no. “Mock” takes on a whole new meaning as league participant’s trade banter over who drafts what player. Trash talking is a complex art refined and perfected by the experienced FFL player, and an essential part of any FFL draft. Just because you aren’t face to face with the other league members doesn’t mean a little internet chat trash talking won’t effect how your opponents draft.

There are a variety of different strategies on how, and who to draft. The first time player may look at the game and decide to simply draft who he or she thinks will score the most points, and if they are lucky they might end up with a .500 record. The experienced player knows that it’s not only how many points the player drafted will score, but also the demand of the player. Running backs are usually the highest in demand due to the high rate of injury at the position. Stocking up on two or three running backs with your first several picks is a common draft strategy. If your primary running back goes down with an injury, which will likely happen at least once throughout any season, it’s imperative to have a decent backup. While you can pick up new players throughout the season off the waiver wire (undrafted players), it is likely that by the time you need a new running back, no one decent will be left.

Now that you’ve secured a couple of running backs it’s time to start looking for your value...

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