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Nestlé And Mars, Inc. Innovate For Shared Value Embedding A Social Mission

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According to FAO’s research (2009); by the year of 2050, more than 70 percent of the world's population is expected to be urban and in combination with income growth it may accelerate the ongoing diversification of diets.
In accordance to Figure 1. ‘ In a world of 6.6 billion people today and more than 9 billion by 2050, advocates of high-input, industrial agriculture and genetic engineering argue that the world cannot afford not to have small farming model be the productive basis of the global food economy, guided by competition and comparative advantage in a system of liberalized trade (Weis, 2007:163-164). Due to Figure 2. Future consumption patterns can also be another indication and requirement of prompt and sustainable preventive actions governed by authorities, socially motivated enterprises including big and small food firms and organizations. Marsh (2013) refers to future manufacturers whether based in the poor or the rich countries, they will need to develop an international strategy and transfer of technological ideas - perhaps as designs or know-how that are communicated as ideas rather than being a part of physical products- will become an increasingly important part of the global value chains.

Nestlé’s Strategy
Nestlé now operates in every country with a 134- year history on earth, selling thousands of products, from Nescafé instant coffee to Perrier bottled water to Friskies cat food (Wetlaufer, 2001). As a worldwide food brand; Nestlé has always been creating social value and having responsive, sustainable projects to the global issues. Mitra (2012) referred to social value creation as inherent in all types of entrepreneurial activity and a new type of hybrid organization that holds the achievement of social goals as its central mission while espousing business tools and methods to run its operations effectively. Case in point, Nestlé Waters North America (NWNA), Stamford, Conn., launched its first wind energy project with the installation of two wind turbines at its bottling plant in Cabazon, California (Beverage Industry, April 1, 2013). Parenthetically, Nestlé provides wind power for 30 percent of the facility and saves 7,320 tons of carbon dioxide emissions. Wind turbine project introduces Nestlé’s social embedded project as a knowledge based source of innovative opportunity that Drucker (2007) defines in the function of bringing different knowledge-based innovation - which is not based on one factor but on the convergence of several different kinds of knowledge. The clearness totally complies with Nestlé’s initiated project; converting wind energy to electrical energy and facilitating the plant’s energy consumption concurrently avoiding a quantity of greenhouse gases at the same time.
Mitra (2012: 23) also adds another source of innovative opportunity to the list which fullfills Nestlé’s opportunity appraisal as recognition of differences in economic, social and natural environments. Genuinely, Drucker (2007: 90)...

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