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Nestle Csr Strategy Essay

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Nestle was founded 1866 in Vevey, Switzerland. Nestle is one of the largest food company and are the most multinational of companies as well. Nestle has more 450 manufacturing facilities within over 80 countries that are spread over six continents. This company nestle is labeled as the world’s leading nutrition, health and wellness, which is one of the world’s most controvserial corporations. Over the past decade, Nestle name was spread due to longstanding boycott, over it's marketing of infant formula they created in the poor countries. Recently, the company has been one of the primary targets of the global movement against the water industry. Again, the company’s labor relation’s practices in poor countries have made it a villain in the eyes of the international union movement. Not many companies are successful but they are still operating their company to improve their CSR strategy to become successful company later. Nestle uses CSR strategy as a resource within environment to advocate the market needs and to fulfill stakeholder expectation. Nestle is in progress to improve what they need to become a successful company for their future. There are several examples that the company called Nestle has many lacks of CSR strategy on ethical labor practices.

To begin with, ethical labor practices are based on how companies treat their employees. Ethical labor practice means, “treating employees fairly and ethically”( Businesses in the United States and even outside of the United States have different labor laws. If a business doesn’t treat employees fairly and ethically then there will be a bad reputation to the companies which they violated other ethical labor practices and they can lose their business. For example, “Nestle was one of the biggest purchasers of cocoa from Ivory Coast, a country in West Africa. UNICEF studies and International Labor Organization (2002) revealed that the workers on these plantation lived and worked in poor conditions. They were paid minimal wages and exploited by the landowners. Most of the workers had been trafficked by bought and sold, making them practically slave labor. Nestle purchased cocoa from these farms despite its awareness of the conditions of the laborers, thus making it a party to their exploitation.”
Also, children working in United States and outside of the United States, contributing to the well-being of the family income, which is ethical for most companies. Children work for several reasons, the most impotent being poverty and induce pressure upon them to escape from the unfortunate situation. Children have lack of quality on education that will affect their future. The children need education gives more profitable pursuits. Children who are legally at the age of 16 can work in the United States, but international laws aren’t the same as the United States laws. According, “child labor was also employed on the plantation. UNICEF and The International...

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