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Net Bank Nexity Usa Analysis

1362 words - 5 pages

SWOT analysis
- Secure and convenient online banking for customers
- Quality product and friendly service
- Focused differentiation strategy
- Low cost structure due to no physical presence of branches
- Knowledgeable and friendly staff members
- Technology savvy and convenience minded customer target
- Serving customers efficiently, quickly and efficiently
- Partnership for brokerage accounts
- Web trust seal security
- High asset growth
- High deposit growth
- All product focused strategy
- Efficient cost structure
- 24 hours and 7 days call centers
- More convenient services by online account

- No brand recognition
- Only 2 percent share of online market
- Hit and run customers for specific products
- Cant provide services like face to face contact
- Hard to gain customer trust for sensitive issues
- Cant have ATM and branches
- High advertising and marketing expenses
- One office for deposit collection
- Few services are not available
- Old people don't accept such technology based services
- Difficult to solve few problems by call centers or email
- More time for depositing money and for other few services
- More time for deposit slips and other services
- More time required for cash withdrawal
- Very large financial market
- Rapidly growing market
- Rapidly acceptance of technology based services industry
- More young age people diverting towards internet bank
- Many financial services can be provided by online banking companies which they are not offering now
- Mergers and acquisitions with other online banks to grow rapidly
- Developing countries and around the world economic development
- International acceptance of service and by different international laws provides opportunity to operate in many countries
- Biggest threats from traditional banks which are providing such services at same cost
- Threats from other internet financing service providers which can forward integrate
- Securities and fraud issues discourage people from using internet banking
- Consolidations of rivals can make big challenge for the company
- Government controlled industry by laws and laws as changes, industry scenario changes suddenly
- Few products can't be offered by online banking companies, which do not support customer interest for using online banking

Economic characteristics

Supply: many institutions at competitive rate supply financial services and products

Demand: As economic development and technological development rises, demand increases for such products

Growth rate: Industry is growing at fast rate than the other industry

Return on assets: return on assets is high and big companies have high assets

Product: Many products are offered at competitive rate
Channel transaction cost: Average channel transaction cost is lowest for internet transaction

Industry driving forces

High interest rate: Due to less overhead cost and no physical presences, company can offer high interest rate.
Convenience: More...

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