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Protecting Children from the Internet

        The "Web", the "Net", the "Information Highway", no matter what the name may be, millions of citizens are becoming users of the World Wide Web at home, work, and or at school. People log online to surf the web, send and receive e-mails, read and post messages, take part in chat rooms, and participate in several other online activities. There are numerous methods to become part of the "cyberspace" world. Despite the major commercial online services, there are thousands of Internet Service Providers (ISPs) offering access online. In addition to these various methods, one can also log on through telephone companies, cable companies, and even through newspapers providing internet access for a minimal monthly fee. Although many utilize personal computers for online use, others may access the internet through the purchase of a special adapter. This allows an individual to gain access to the web from a television set. Service providers and other internet providing companies generally accomplish all that is possible to provide subscribers with a pleasant, safe, and satisfying experience online.

        However, it is impossible for these companies to control each person who uses their service, identical to the power a government has over the behaviour of their citizens. Therefore, once one connects to the internet they are enabled to exchange information with people across the world. Due to the internet's immense international system which one must remember is not controlled by anyone company, individuals must be cautious of the activities they participate in. Users of the internet must comprehend that anyone company, government, organization, and individual can publish materials onto websites which can be found through search methods and web links. The service provider will link one to a website, however is unable to control what is exposed on them. As a consequence, individuals must control the manor in which they behave being safe and appropriate.

        When overlooking the risks that the internet produces, many benefits are apparent. The great collection of services available to an online user is growing constantly. The information provided includes a variety of topics such as, reference information, transactions, communication services, educational and entertainment tools all allowing one to discover the facts and figures they are searching for. Reference information, includes subjects such as the news, weather, sports, stocks, movie reviews, encyclopaedias, and airline fares. Users can also use the transaction feature to purchase items online. For instance, one can trade stocks, make travel/restaurant reservations, complete their banking, and even shop all at the click of the mouse button. Another service most popularly used by clients is the communication feature. Many communicate through electronic mail (e-mail) and or instant message...

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