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Netflix Essay

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Gestión Estratégica 1er Trimestre 2014 / Campus SantiagoCASO N°1Análisis Estratégico de NetflixAutores: Profesor:J. Hernán Arce Jaime Rubín De Celisjarce@ug.uchile.clIngeniería ComercialPatricio Panellapatriciopanellaa@gmail.comIngeniería ComercialWilliams Rojaswilliamsrv22@yahoo.comIngeniería Civil IndustrialRoberto Sanhuezar.sanhueza.tri@gmail.comIngeniería Civil IndustrialDaniela Castrodcastroarens@gmail.comIngeniería Civil IndustrialINDICE DE CONTENIDOS.INDICE 21.- INTRODUCCION 32.- ANALISIS DEL MACROENTORNO 43.- ANALISIS DEL MICROENTORNO 74.- RECOMENDACIONES 105.- BIBLIOGRAFIA 111.- INTRODUCCIÓNPara el desarrollo de la tarea se eligió la industria del cemento en Chile, debido a su similar comportamiento frente a los ciclos económicos de un país, lo que la hace muy atractiva en periodos de crecimientos económicos, representados por el aumento en la construcción de obras públicas, industriales y habitacionales, y no tanto en los periodos bajos de crecimiento donde la tendencia a la baja se ve fuertemente afectada. Es importante destacar que en Chile esta industria tiene un carácter oligopólico, ya que son sólo tres las empresas que en su conjunto poseen un 99% de la participación del mercado, a su haber Polpaico, Bio-Bío y Melón.De forma de exponer claramente las características de la industria cementera se realizarán los análisis tanto del Macro-entorno como del Micro-entorno, basándose en los métodos PEST y de PORTER, respectivamente.2.- ANÁLISIS DEL MACROENTORNOLa industria del cemento no sólo interactúa con factores internos, ya que existen factores políticos, económicos, sociales, tecnológicos y ambientales que tienen un grado de influencia sobre ésta:Factores Económicos:Ciclo económico: esta industria opera directamente relacionada al ciclo económico del país, lo cual quiere decir que en momentos de crecimiento económico la rentabilidad de la industria se ve incrementada y en caso de una contracción económica su rentabilidad agregada se ve afectada.En este contexto las perspectivas de corto y mediano plazo hablan de una desaceleración de la economía local, principalmente derivada de factores externos que tienen efecto directo sobre ésta: desaceleración de economía china y su consecuente impacto en el precio de nuestro principal producto de importación (cobre) y retiro del estímulo monetario en economía norteamericana, estos últimos puntos se han traducido en deterioro de términos de intercambio y debilitamiento en la inversión y consumo local (BANCO CENTRAL, 2014).Inflación: Durante el último periodo la inflación en Chile se ha mantenido en...

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1352 words - 5 pages Can you name the largest online entertainment subscription service? If you said “Netflix” then you are correct. Netflix started in 1997 by Reed Hastings and the subscription service started in 1999. The company headquarters is based out of San Francisco, California. There are over 100 shipping location in the United States. Netflix offers over 100,000 DVD titles and over 8,000 that are ready to be watched instantly on a subscribers PC

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2622 words - 11 pages KEY SUCCESS FACTORS Technology Technology is the most important factor to thrive in the market. Technological advancements will help lower the operational costs for Netflix. However they need to have great content quality. Innovation stands out in their technology. As long as there are innovative strategies executed, Netflix will be equipped to handle fierce competition. Netflix’s success will depend on its product differentiation and content

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621 words - 2 pages Netflix: Strategy Issue The dilemma which Netflix currently faces is to develop a strategy which will allow them to survive in this competitive industry. They must formulate a plan which allows them to achieve sustainable growth and protect their position in the DVD rental industry. Analysis Industry The DVD rental industry is extremely fierce. DVD rental revenue is expected to be $9574 million by the end of 2006 (Thompson et al, C-66). The

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1361 words - 5 pages Netflix Inc. Company Background Netflix Inc. incorporated in 1997 and made its first public offering in 2002. Netflix is an online movie rental service which provides its 3,000,000 subscribers access to over 40,000 DVD titles. Although Netflix stocks nearly every title available on DVD, it does not stock titles containing adult content. The Netflix program allows subscribers to rent as many DVD’s as they want, and keep them for as long

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3035 words - 12 pages Devin SimmonsAccounting PerspectivesProfessor Stolberg10/31/2014Complete Legal Name:Netflix Incorporated (Netflix, Inc.)My Interest in the Company:I am interested in this company because I am an avid user of their product. I have been a customer of Netflix since I started my college career (6 years). Netflix has a seemingly unlimited number of movies and TV show, which is perfect for the time I get to relax. In my opinion, Netflix is a staple in

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1686 words - 7 pages In today’s technology boom, the new waves of doing business have transformed the way people shop and live. The same happened the way people access personal entertainment. With Internet, people can stream movie online without have to go theater, or the rental movie box. The idea inspired Reed Hastings and Marc Randolph, and then they founded Netflix in Scotts Valley, California in 1997 (Netflix, 2014). The company comes into play by developing

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1016 words - 5 pages How is it that Netflix and Coinstar’s Redbox have thrived in the DVD rental business and brick-and-mortar companies like Blockbuster were forced into bankruptcy protection? According to CEO and founder Reed Hastings, value is the reason. As we know from class, value is defined by customer/consumer and companies that offer value turn buyers. One great example of a company’s value turning buyers into lifelong customers is Apple. Apples success

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4707 words - 19 pages Netflix Marketing PlanMarketing plans play a vital role in the creation of new products or services. Whether it is a new organization or an existing one looking to add a new product or service a marketing plan is needed to help insure effective, efficient, and prosperous results. This can be seen in the development of the new video game rental service offered by Netflix. NetflixNetflix is the world's largest online DVD movie rental service

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1658 words - 7 pages For this nine week abstinence experience, I had a couple of habits or behaviors that I thought of giving up. First it was chocolate, then it was cussing, but I finally decided to give up Netflix. I thought of giving up chocolate, because I am definitely a chocoholic, but I noticed that Netflix was starting to take over my life. This is not an exaggeration. After any class when I had free time, on the weekend, or whenever I felt like I had

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1434 words - 6 pages Netflix Case Study The video rental industry began with brick and mortar store that rented VSH tape. Enhanced internet commerce and the advent of the DVD provided a opportunity for a new avenue for securing movie rentals. In 1998 Netflix headquartered in Los Gatos California began operations as a regional online movie rental company. While the firm demonstrated that a market for online rentals existed, it was not

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506 words - 2 pages Competitive Analysis Blockbuster Inc. and Movie Gallery are currently the two strongest competitors in the market, and therefore pose the biggest threats to Netflix. Amazon, Intelliflicks, and Cleanfilms are all present in the market, but don’t possess enough force at this time to be considered a threat to Netflix. Blockbuster As of right now, Blockbuster is the biggest competitive threat to Netflix. Blockbuster was incorporated in 1989 in

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4714 words - 19 pages IntroductionFounded in 1997 by its current CEO, Reed Hastings, in 2009, Netflix (Nasdaq: NFLX) was the world’s largest online subscription-based DVD rental company based in Los Gatos, CA. It offered its 10 million customers an access to more than 100,000 DVD titles in more than 200 genres. Starting at $9.99 per month, different price levels were currently offered by Netflix, each which allows its subscribers to possess different amount at a time

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3800 words - 15 pages Case study 2 - NETFLIX 16Nova Southeastern University H. Wayne Huizenga School of Business & EntrepreneurshipMGT-5090 Entrepreneurial and Strategic ThinkingAssignment for: MGT-5090 Entrepreneurial and Strategic ThinkingSubmitted to: Dr. Joel E. RodgersSubmitted by: Frank Russell (Russ) CookDate of Submission: October 31, 2014Title of Assignment: Case Study 2 - NetflixCERTIFICATION OF AUTHORSHIP: I certify that I am the author of this paper

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2080 words - 8 pages InitializeThe subscription business model is a business model that was pioneered by magazines and newspapers, but is now used by a myriad of businesses. Rather than selling products individually, a subscription sells periodic (monthly or yearly) use or access of a product or service (Bremner, 1999). Thus, a one-time sale of a product becomes a recurring sale and builds consumer and brand loyalty. Netflix is an example of this model. Netflix was

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967 words - 4 pages Our article, "How Netflix Reinvented HR" by Patty McCord describes how Netflix has taken classical theories of organizational behavior and reinvented itself to work in a modern society. Patty McCord, the former chief talent officer of Netflix, learnt through years of experience that their company's approach to talent and culture worked for two reasons; success and common sense. Patty describes five key ideas that defined the way the company