Netscape Analysis Report

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Netscape Analysis Report
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I. History

Netscape Communications Corporation, originally named Mosaic Communications Corporation (MCOM) was founded in April 1994 by Jim Clark and Marc Andreessen. They released their first browser products free to Internet users in September 1994. Jim Clark is chairman of Netscape Communications Corporation. Before founding the company, Clark was the chairman of Silicon Graphics, a computer hardware manufacturer he founded in 1982. Marc Andreessen is vice president of technology for Netscape Communications. He helped develop the original graphical World Wide Web browser, Mosaic, while he was at the University Of Illinois at Urbana/Champlain.

        The Internet is a global network connecting thousands of networks by use of high speed digital lines called ATMs, T3s and T1s.
It was just being introduced to the general public at the time of Netscape's conception and they would NOT have been successful if they had not had this timing advantage.

II. Location

Netscape's corporate headquarters are in Mountain View, California -- in the heart of the Silicon Valley. However, due to the nature of the global networks its software transmits over, Netscape is able to sell worldwide via the Internet. There are virtually no walls to its 'retail outlets.' Its software products are also distributed through computer stores worldwide.

III. Product Line

         Netscape Navigator is a software program to browse information available on the Internet. It is available for all common computer system platforms, including 16-bit PC, 32-bit PC, Macintosh, and all UNIX systems. Navigator also allows people to check their e-mail on the Internet through use of a password (MIME) encoding scheme.

Netscape Server is a piece of software that installs on UNIX and Windows NT based systems that allows serving of data on the Internet's World Wide Web. It also provides for secure transactions such as those involving credit cards.

IV. Corporate Structure

         The founders, Jim Clark and Marc Andreessen, own 35% of the company. There are other major shareholders, and it is also publicly held. The board of directors and other executive management are listed in the following table:
James H. Clark- Chairman of the Board
James L. Barksdale- President, Chief Executive Officer and Director
Marc L. Andreessen- Vice President, Technology and Director
Peter L.S. Currie- Vice President and Chief Financial Officer
Conway Rulon-Miller-Vice President, Sales and Field Operations
Michael J. Homer- Vice President, Marketing
Roberta R. Katz-Vice President, General Counsel and Secretary
Richard M. Schell- Vice President, Engineering
James C.J. Sha- Vice President and General Manager, Integrated Applications
Kandis Malefyt- Vice President, Human Resources
L. John Doerr- Director
John E. Warnock- Director

V. Competition

Netscape has 4 major competitors: Spry Mosaic,...

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