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The internet has been the greatest invention in mankind that has provided the service of getting us to places around the world without living our rooms with just a click. The internet hasn’t only change the way we receive information but also has given companies a new way to do business now days. The Net has revolutionized how people interact with each other and the network has made the internet more accessible. The internet with the help of the network has given people new ways to get communication, entertainment, and information.
The network is a collection of electronic devices connected together by a communication device most of the time. The way the network has help the internet is because thank to this new system we could access the internet from anywhere this network is in place. According to Ahmad Riaz writes, “There are eight types of networks which are used worldwide these days both in houses and commercially” (Riaz). In this quote author saying that network is available in different types and confirming that network system is been use by home users to big companies. The reason computer user are using network system is to share document, software but also help transmit internet signal through their network making internet accessibility in the area they preferred. There many network but the most common use are WAN, LAN, and MAN. The WAN network covers large area like a city, a country or the world. The LAN is the one people use at home and it covers a limited area. The WAN is control by a network provider like cablevision and use a lot LAN to provide internet service. In conclusion the network system has expand the internet because by sending signal where it is connected users are able to access the internet any time they want through their phone, television, and computer.
The internet is the collection of network that link millions of business, institution and computer users. The internet features are important because it give live information to user that might not like to read aside from library that does same thing but is bit dull. The internet features are what has made internet interesting like instants messaging, mailing list, and email. Another feature that is really interesting aside from web browsing is ecommerce that a lot of people use to buy book or Christmas presents. Schneider said,”...

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