Network Design For Worldwide Advertising Inc

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Worldwide Advertising Inc (WAI) is a startup advertising firm that is about to hire three hundred employees to work at its newly constructed Los Angeles and New York offices. The company is in need of IT consulting to design its network infrastructure on top of already existing Ethernet wiring and RJ45 connections. WAI has not hired any IT staff yet, but when the company does, the IT staff will take over administration of the network. The company has requested a proposal for initial implementation and configuration of their core IT services. Cost is not a factor in this proposal, and the solution must be viable for the next two or three years.
Deployment Considerations
WAI will only require light virtualization on its servers, and for that reason, all of the company’s servers will be running Windows Server 2012 Standard Edition except for the web server which will have Windows Web Server Edition 2012 installed. The only notable difference between the Datacenter Edition and the Standard Edition is the licensing for virtualization. Standard Edition is licensed for two virtual instances, while Datacenter Edition is licensed for unlimited virtual instances (Scott Lowe, 2012). Both editions support two processors per license. There will be six dual processor servers purchased for the company’s new network. Four of the servers will be located at the Los Angeles office which is the main office with 225 employees. The remaining two servers will be located at the New York office where there are 75 employees.
The first server at the Los Angeles office will be a domain controller that hosts Domain Name System (DNS), Dynamic Host Configuration Protocol (DHCP), and the Global Catalog Server functions. The second server will also be a domain controller, and host the DNS and DHCP roles, which will provide load balancing and failover redundancy. The third server will host the Windows Deployment Services (WDS), Distributed File System (DFS), and DirectAccess. One additional server will be placed in the Los Angeles office, and it will have Windows Web Server 2012 installed. This server will only host the web server and DNS roles for the company’s website. It will be isolated in a demilitarized zone composed of two firewalls. The last two servers will be placed at the New York office, and they will both be read-only domain controllers (RODC). The first one will host a copy of the Global Catalog as well as DFS and WDS. The other New York server will host DNS and DHCP.
Server Core is a minimal installation of Windows Server that is available on Windows Server 2008, 2008r2, and 2012. According to Microsoft, “There is no Windows shell and very limited GUI functionality. The Server Core interface is a command prompt with PowerShell support” (2013). Because WAI is using Server 2012 on all of its servers, the company will make use of Server Core on all of its servers, while maintaining the ability to revert back to the graphical user interface (GUI) when the need...

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