Network Modelling And Design Essay

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From Juniper’s JunosphereLab to OPNET, there are many tools available for network designers to take advantage of when constructing a network. Some network design tools require you to pay in order to gain access to their developmental tools. However, there are a lot of free network design tools available on the internet; a simple google search will yield many results. Gliffy and MaSSHandra are two network design tools. Gliffy is unique in that you work and save your design diagrams on the cloud. MaSSHandra differs in that you can work on a 3-D diagram canvas thus allowing you to take into account the space of servers and other devices.
Gliffy’s network diagrams allow you to understand how a network is to operate. You can create basic diagrams, but if you want to unlock the real scope of the tool you will have to pay: “$4.95/month fee for 200 diagrams, 200 MB of storage, public and private diagrams, and unlimited collaborators”(Wallen). This is relatively the same payment model free network design tools use in that you receive free access but the tools are so limited that you have to pay for the full features in order to take advantage of the tool. Gliffy allows you to place symbols, which are basically objects, like a router or switch. The tool allow you to connect the devices together with color coded lines to show the type of circuit they will be using; this also helps with seeing the relationship the objects have with each other. The most unique aspect of Gliffy is that it allows you to work all on the cloud. You don’t have to install any programs on your computer in order to use it. On Gliffy’s website they state that, “you can build your diagrams in the cloud, where they can be reviewed, revised, and referenced by any or all members of your team.” Gliffy encourages the idea of teamwork by making your network diagrams available on the cloud where your team can make changes and suggestions. The goal of Gliffy is to be nothing complex, just your standard network diagramming tool with a twist which is the...

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