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Network On Different Floors Essay

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Ground Floor: Customer Service and Marketing Department

There are a total of 20 workstations.
There are two network printers accessible by all workstations.
The Internet is accessible by all workstations.
Visitors should be able to access to the wireless internet access, wifi.

The network topology best suited for the ground floor is the star topology. A star topology is one where by each work station or computer peripheral are centrally connected by use of a computer/hub or switch.

In this way, when one connection of the network is not working or faulty, it does not affect the rest of the work stations in the network. This is a big advantage in this type of network.

Fig 1.0

However, they are other network topologies that can be utilized like the bus, ring, hybrid and mesh topologies. They have their own draw backs that make them inefficient. For example the bus topology, when there is a break at any point in the ring network, the entire network fails.

Fig 1.0 represents a generic star topology with one broken connection. Though the connection to that particular computer is broken, the network still operates.
Since this computer network is interconnected exclusively within itself, it can be referred to as a Local Area Network.

At this point, the definition of a hub is imperative. Quite simply, a hub is a small inexpensive device that joins computers together. Most hubs today use the Ethernet Standard and others the USB standard.

The Hub represents layer one and two in the OSI model, also know as the Open Systems Interconnection reference model seen below.

Fig 1.3 OSI model

To network/connect the group of computers, one end the ethernet cable to the Hub and the other end to the computer's Network Interface Card (NIC). NIC provides a hardware interface between the computer and the network. The NIC of new computers comes pre-installed by the manufacturer with a speed rating such as 11, 54 or 100 Mbps ; All ethernet hubs accept the RJ-45 connectors of standard ethernet hubs.

Fig 1.1 RJ-45 connector

Ethernet cables are generally used to connect devices on LANs including routers and switches. Theoritically, ethernet cables can support 100 Mbs or 1000 Mbps maximum bandwidith. This maximum can not be achieved due to overhead hardware and computer operating system. Ethernet cables usually support one or more industry standards including Category 5 (CAT 5) and Category 6 (CAT 6).

In this network, CAT 5 ethernet cables are used. CAT 5 ethernet cables are a fifth generation twisted pair cables and popular of all twisted pairs cables available today because they are both affordable and support high speeds.

The LAN on the ground floor needs to connect to the internet. For a computer to connect to...

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