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Network Operating Systems. Essay

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A network operating system is an operating system that is used to computer networking.
A network operating system allows file sharing and printer access across the network.
One of the main types of networking operating systems is the peer to peer type such as Appleshare or workgroups. Also, another main type is for the client-server..
In a peer to peer network all members have the full privileges. They can use all resources on the network. It allows for members to share data from their computer across the network. It is designed for small networks. Most desktop operating systems can act as a network operating system for a peer to peer network. . Since your desktop operating system is the network operating system this makes it much cheaper and easier. That being said it has major flaws too. Since all users have equal rights it makes for very poor security. Also there is no hub for the files which can become a problem. If a member is not present you can not access his files. These downsides make it very problematic for large networks. That being said peer to peer network is perfect for small home networks because of its ease of access.
In a client server network data is shared to a centralized server. It gives each member different privileges. The administrator controls the users access to files on the network Some primary operating systems for a client server have been UNIX based operating systems, Windows Server, and Netware . They are used in large networks for corporations. The reason for this is because they are more secure and have many features. They all grant the ability to configure and update the software. Server based can also operating systems can interact with sensors in the hardware to find issues like overheating processors and disc failures. They should also be able to set up a backups in the event of failures. Servers can be very expensive and require lots networking knowledge making it mostly suitable for larger networks.
Novell Netware was initially released in 1983. It was one of the 1st network operating systems and is still popular today. Netwares specialty is in file and print servers. Netware can do other things but not nearly as well. Novell networks use network protocols IPX/SPX. Though in recent years they have allowed for TCP/IP to allow for web based services a well. Netware has clients that is compatible with all versions of...

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