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Communication protocols are a very important theme for all medical centers. Every business must adopt the correct communication protocols, but with businesses such as medical facilities, it is especially important. The network architecture of this medical center is changing and any communication procedures that were followed before need to be reconstructed and made sure they are followed again.
In a medical center the results could be fatal to its patients if proper communications are not initiated. Speed is needed and when anything is changed, doctors and other staff need to be informed right away: because if people are given the wrong treatments or treatments that do not best suit them (once any new findings are added), deaths can occur, and lawsuits could follow. The responsibility of any medical center is to make sure that the proper treatments are initiated, which means that verification messages should be included in the network software programs so that people sending messages could be informed once a message is received by the computers or servers that they are sent to. In addition the system should also send notifications when emails are viewed, even before a response is sent by the viewer. Because this medical center is in the process of getting ready to initiate a new system infrastructure, it is imperative that all staff fully understands any communication requirement that has changed, and everything should be organized in an attempt to make communication procedures more solid.
All departments that a patient visits during any visit should be notified of any treatment change. The patient should get the best care that the medical center can give. Decisions for treatments might be made by departments without knowledge of the other treatments that the patient is receiving. This could cause a dilemma that could be prevented; because no treatments given should combat each other, but all treatments should compliment each other and work collectively to make the overall best treatment that the medical center can provide a patient. Otherwise what are they really there for ?

The current Network Architecture is divided into two separate areas. All the departments that make medical center decisions, system updates, financial sequences, and medical center employments are located on one end of this architecture connected to one another using a 1000 Base T CAT 6 cable. Every department of this medical center that performs tests, operations, treatments, and doctor's visits is located at the other end of this network architecture and is connected to one another by a single mode 1000 Base F fiber optic cable. These two sections of departments are connected to one another using one network bridge. This Network Architecture is weak. There should be four Network Bridges with a connection from every singe department connected to each of the four network bridges. This would create a much more...

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