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Network System A Through Research On A Product Bus 341 Assignment

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Network System:
Executive Summary
This analysis document will develop and present a set of recommendations for marketing strategy improvements for Netlink Computer Incorporated, commonly known as NCIX, a retailer and online seller of computers and electronics. Analysis contained in this document will be focused on five areas which are key to NCIX’s overall marketing strategy.
After a brief introduction regarding the report’s subject and structure, the “Research and Analysis” section of the document begins. The first sub-section is “Market Research and Target Customers”, evaluating NCIX’s current market targeting efforts. The next sub-section is “Product and Service Offerings”, which gives an overview of NCIX’s products and branding efforts. “Pricing Plans” is the next sub-section, detailing the company’s options for pricing strategies. This is followed by “Social Media”, which gives an overview of NCIX’s social media initiatives. Finally, “Plans for Promotion” identifies strengths and weaknesses in the company’s promotion mix.
The semi-final section of the report is “Discussion and Recommendations”, which provides a set of recommendations via discussion of findings from the earlier analytical section of the report. This is followed by a brief conclusion, which summarizes the report’s findings and overall recommendations. The conclusion of this report is to capitalize on niche markets and community engagement in the five analytical areas mentioned.
Executive Summary 1
Introduction 4
Research and Analysis 5
Market Research and Target Customers 5
Product and Service Offerings 6
Pricing Plans 8
Social Media 8
Plans for Promotion 10
Discussion and Recommendations 11
Conclusion 13
References 14
Appendix A - “Marketing Class Interview” with Sam Li 16
Appendix B - Youtube Stats Summary/User Statistics for NCIXCOM 19
This report will analyze the current marketing strategy of Netlink Computer Incorporated, generating a set of recommendations for future improvements and development in key strategic areas. Netlink Computer Incorporated is a national computer and electronics retailer based in Richmond, British Columbia, that operates under the name NCIX via retail and online distribution channels.
Five key areas were identified in our analysis as important for capturing the key elements of NCIX’s marketing strategy: Market Research and Target Customers, Product and Service Offerings, Pricing Plans, Social Media, and Plans for Promotion. In the Research and Analysis section of this report, these five areas will be individually expounded upon in detail. A cohesive discussion follows, containing recommendations from the five areas of analysis will be presented in the Discussion and Recommendations section. Finally, the recommendations and overall conclusions of the report shall be summarized in the Conclusions section.
Research and Analysis
Market Research and Target Customers
NCIX identified three primary markets for their business: the...

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