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Networking Essay

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One problem seen with people today is that they are unaware what of a computer network is. They might have heard of a computer network, but they are clueless as to how it works or why it works. People have basic questions that need to be answered. The goal of this paper is to give basic network information that will hopefully answer those questions. To give people an understanding about computer networks there are several areas that we must discuss. Definitions of some network nomenclature will be provided. Many people may have heard or seen these words, but never knew what they meant. Another part that is important is the history of networking. By giving a brief history of networking, this will give the reader a good foundation on which to start on. They need to know how networking came around and why it is such a big part of our lives today. Also, explained is why it is important to understand networking. The hardware or physical attributes of a network are also in this paper. There is a lot of confusing hardware in a network, but it is relatively simple. Finally, everything will be tied together to explain how the network works.

People need to know what a word means when they see it. In the appendix are a few terms that will be in this paper as well as several other important ones. After you are familiar with these terms we will proceed to discuss the history of networking. Explanations will be provided on how networking came about and who was the first to experiment with it. Also, some statistics about the Internet and its growth will be discussed. In the 1950s, there was no interaction between the users and their programs while they were running on the computers. No direct communications were involved. Jobs were brought to the machine to be run in a batch. (Jones, 2001, Personal Computers History and Development)

“In the 1960s, time-sharing brought about the first interactive access to computers. This was a mix of data transmission technology and a teletypewriter. The result was an interactive terminal. These terminals were connected to a server with low-speed lines, allowing the users to interact with the computer and take advantage of its resources. Time-sharing gave multiple users the ability to use the computer at the same time, for completely separate tasks, and provided them with interactive feedback about what their programs were doing. Demand for the services of these large computers increased which meant upgrades had to be made frequently to keep the processing power ahead of the user need. These systems, called Mainframes, had been designed to provide computing power, but did not have the flexibility to satisfy the growing set of applications.” (Jones, 2001, Personal Computers History and Development)

Also, in the 1960's the military used networks to communicate to one another. It worked like...

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