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Networks & Telecommunications I Essay

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Business Systems Development IINetworks & Telecommunications IJune 13, 2007Telecommunication Systems at Quality Technology ServicesIntroduction"Quality Technology Services (QTS) is a full service technology infrastructure company providing Managed Services, Data Center Services, and Professional Services to businesses" (QTS, 2007). The company focuses on its customers and their operational performance. Controlling costs and mitigating risk associated with IT infrastructure allow for optimum advantage in the market.
"QTS boasts 376,000 of square feet of secure space, one of the largest constant power systems in the world and a robust and redundant network" (QTS, 2007). The Suwannee location is the only equipped Georgia location. Other facilities are located in Indianapolis, Kansas City, Topeka, New York, New Jersey, Santa Clara, and Wichita. The telecommunications systems that will be discussed are the company's telephony infrastructure which is used by the corporate offices, Network Operation Center (NOC), and the help desk department. The providers used at the Suwannee location are Bellsouth and Edeltacom. QTS has multiple dedicated T3 lines divided into many different trunks. The trunks are divided into multiple T-1's, and then further condensed as needed. The other facilities are connected using multiple OC12, switches, fibre and cables provided by other providers for the backbone.
QTS uses an Aspect based telecommunication system. The Aspect system is used for its ability to monitor phone calls with engineers. One of the most convenient features of the system is that it can make it easy for the user to use four digit dialing between locations. You do not have to dial the entire number if you are dialing Aspect phone to Aspect phone. You enter the last four digits of the telephone and you will connect to the other user's Aspect phone. With this system in place with our company it provides the best efficient means to support our company to its fullest. The Aspect telecommunication system has many facets to it. The portion that will be discussed in detail is the ACD portion. This part of Aspect handles the routing of calls by priority. The system has a database that is configured by the manager and routed according to incoming calls preferences and priorities.
The system also comes with a graphical user interface (GUI) that displays all inbound, outbound, and calls in the queue. The system can generate reports that shows call flow within a day, week, month, and year for a particular engineer. Normally the logs are viewed on a daily basis for matrix purposes. Aspect comes with an application that is installed locally on the PC. From the application the engineer can also see call history, other engineers that is logged in, grab calls, amongst other things. Like many other popular telecommunication systems, Aspect comes with a feature called Interactive Voice Response Telecom (IVR).
The IVR system allows the customer to get quick answers,...

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