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Netwrok Integration And Network Upgrade Essay

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Network Upgrade

Guglielmo Marconi S.p.A , an Italian engineering and manufacturing firm, has recently purchased Franklin Engineering Co, Inc. in an effort to increase its capabilities, have a US office, and increase profits. Most business processes and practices can be transferred easily, however the main project to complete the merger between the two existing companies, and create one sole company, is a complete network integration and network upgrade. Currently, Franklin Engineering operates a small office in the United States, and its network is very basic. The network set up at the US office is similar to many home/small business networks. However, Guglielmo Marconi S.p.A has a very robust network, and has many aspects behind it including a storage area network (SAN), and several buildings housing the different units of the company. The two companies hope to merge both their existing networks together, and essentially allow the US office to connect to the ...view middle of the document...

One important thing to note about WAN is that unlike LAN’s, which are owned and operated by each individual company, the WAN will have to outsourced to a service provider who will provide the connection on a subscription basis to the merged organization. In order to create the WAN, Multiprotocol Label Switching (MPLS) architecture will be used. This high-speed, private network technology essentially creates a virtual private network, or VPN, and will allow for each location to connect to the same network through the MPLS service provider’s cloud. MPLS is a great choice for this growing company because it is scalable and flexible, you can easily add a site to the network, it provides Quality of Service (QoS), which allows for guaranteed reliability and speed for data transmission, and it increases network response time and application performance. In order to create a MPLS WAN network for the new, merged corporation, some additions have to be made to both existing networks. The Franklin Engineering, US side, has to add an additional router to its current network. MPLS works by having a customer edge router, or CE router, at each site, which provides an Ethernet interface between the site and the service provider who is providing the MPLS service. This CE router will also be in place at the Italian location. The CE router then connects to the MPLS provider’s backbone through a performance edge router, or PE router. The PE router connects to the provider router, or P router, which in turn is able to connect to the other site’s PE router and CE router, thus creating a network.
MPLS is the latest and most efficient way to create a WAN for two separate LAN’s. The new company as a whole will be able to be on the same network, access the storage area network, and be able to communicate all through one centralized network. The US site will be able to take advantage of the large network infrastructure the Italian side has in place and will allow it to be on the same level of communication as its parent location. Ultimately, this new upgraded network will allow both sites to run efficiently, and will allow for a fast, and reliable connection between the two LAN networks currently in place.

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