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Neuman Systems Model Essay

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The Neuman Systems Model was developed by Betty Neuman in an effort to teach an introductory nursing course to students. The model’s focus is on the wellness of the patient, known as the client, relative to environmental stressors and the reactions to those stressors (Fawcett, 2001). The main goal of the model is stress reduction. The model explains how humans are interrelated products built from physiological, psychological, sociocultural, developmental and spiritual variables and relationships between these variables determine the client’s reaction to stressors (Smith, 1989). Neuman’s theory describes the nurse’s role is to focus on the total person with the goal of preserving or recouping client stability. This can be achieved through interventions focused on reducing internal and external stressors that affect the client’s maximum functioning ability (Knight, 1990).
The process by which nurses implement the Neuman Systems Theory involves identifying client perceptions and collaborating with the client through all steps of the process while formulating appropriate nursing diagnoses, goals and outcomes (Knight, 1990). The following is a client profile and case study of a 48-year old woman known as Carol. Carol was admitted to the hospital with the diagnosis of major depressive disorder. She had disclosed thoughts of suicide with a plan of overdosing on medication due to severe depression. This is her first inpatient admission for depression and has previously been treated outpatient by a psychiatrist after she received a diagnosis of Multiple Sclerosis three years prior. The nurse begins by assessing the interrelationship of the influencing variables. Carol’s reaction to stressors was compromised by her recent inability to independently ambulate or function as she had previously and this dysfunction has affected her ability to positively respond to stressors. Her stressors are identified as poor mobility, poor self-concept, dissatisfying relationships, the loss of meaning in life and a lack of resources. The nurse involves Carol in the plan for restoration of wellness. The two appropriate nursing diagnoses are as follows:
Impaired Physical Mobility related to neuromuscular impairment and limited strength, secondary to Multiple Sclerosis, AEB inability to move purposefully including bed mobility, transfers and ambulation, and decreased muscle strength and control. Interventions and rationales: Facilitate transfers by using appropriate assistive devices when transferring...

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