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Neuro Linguistic Programming Essay

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Neuro-Linguistic Programming and its affect on Business Negotiations

The premise of NLP is rather simple: take someone who's good at something, model how they do it and learn from them. Through the process of analyzing the thought processes, use of language, and behaviors that are common to excellence in any field one can identify patterns to model. NLP techniques have been proven to be quite successful in numerous areas including business, sports, sales, and relationships. This paper will focus on the impact that NLP has on business negotiations.
The first component of NLP is Neuro. Neuro has to do with the way we use our minds, our bodies, and our senses to track and interpret our experiences. The better one is at understanding how he/she experiences a situation and stores the memory the better it allows one to influence and alter the memory. The various senses of sight, hearing, touch, taste, and smell need to be analyzed in order to determine how one “codes” an experience. Here’s is an example of how one might “code” an experience.
Let’s try an experiment. What comes to mind when you think of a roller coaster? The screams of the people riding the roller coaster, the feeling of excitement you get from the experience, or a picture of a huge plunge or fall? These are all examples of the different ways that we use our minds, bodies, and senses to remember an experience.
Auditory – The way we relate experiences to sounds.
Feelings – The way we relate experiences to emotions, taste, and smell.
Visual – The way we relate experiences with mental images.
People tend to have a preference on one of these over the others.
A major clue to how people think is in their eyes. When you ask someone a question asking them to remember something from the past, what is their eye movements?

The way a person uses his/her eyes indicate a specific pattern of thinking:
Eyes up and left (your left) – Visual remembered
This is where we look when we are remembering images we have seen before.
Eyes up and right (your right) – Visual constructed
This is where we look when we are constructing images we have not seen before.
Eyes straight ahead defocused – Visual
The clue as to whether this is remembered or constructed can be determined by how the weight is distributed in the rest of the body: to the left and it is remembered, to the right and it is constructed.
Eyes to the side and left (your left) – Auditory remembered
This is where we look when we are remembering sounds that we have heard before.
Eyes to the side and right (your right) – Auditory constructed
This is where we look when we are creating a sound that we have never heard before.
Eyes down and left (your left) – Auditory digital, inner dialog
This is where we look when we are having a conversation with ourselves or asking questions in our heads.
Eyes down and right (your right) – External feelings and emotions
When we experience feelings this is where we look.
A summary of these patterns of...

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