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The concussion rates among high school, collegiate, and professional athletes is increasing at an alarming rate. The United States alone reports 1.6 to 3.8 million cases of sport-related concussions per year2-4, 9, 12. The 1.6 to 3.8 million does not account for the large number of concussions that remain unreported by athletes2-4, 9, 12. According to McCrory et al., a concussion is defined as a complex pathophysiological process that disturbs the brain, which is prompted by traumatic biomechanical forces 10. Sports- related concussions are one of the most complex injuries, which makes them difficult to assess. The cerebral functional deficits that occur in one athlete may be completely the opposite from another athlete3-4. Studies conducted by both Sosnoff and Broglio (et al.) uncovered that more than fifty percent of high school athletes failed to inform medical personnel following an injury .2,12
Athletic trainers, as well as other sports medicine professionals, need to be thorough in the assessment protocol and cautious in return to play decisions. An extensive assessment is imperative because of the potential for a catastrophic consequence due to a premature return to participation, or the risk of a second-impact syndrome that may prove to be fatal8, 11. Second- impact syndrome can be characterized as a serve form of re-injury that involves the rapid swelling of the brain and herniation 6. The individual receives a second head injury prior to the full recovery of the brain from the first head injury6. The second impact may be caused by either a direct blow to the head or a blow elsewhere that results in an indirect acceleration of the brain6. Therefore, an athlete suspected of sustaining a concussion should not be overlooked under any circumstance and should be removed from competition immediately until a concussion has been ruled out or cleared by an athletic trainer or other health care professional. Components of a concussion assessment should consist of various tests to evaluate for neurocognitive function, self-reported symptoms, and postural control. Each one of the above elements has been shown to be negatively influenced following a concussion3-4. A concussion may have an effect on more than one of the elements at the same time; therefore, an assessment must take into account all three of the above testing parameters. Athletes identified as being concussed are known to exhibit deficits in neurocognitive functioning related to attention, information processing, memory, and concentration as a consequence of cerebral concussion. The regions of the brain affected with a concussion or traumatic brain injury have been shown to be responsible for the preservation of postural stability. Research findings have led to the development of using neurocognitve and postural stability measures as a source of objectively evaluating concussions. Since sport-related concussions are becoming more prevalent in athletics, the use of multiple...

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