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Neurology: All In Your Head Essay

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Space is 92 billion light years in diameter and ever growing. Despite it’s size, there is more knowledge about this massive area, miles outside the atmosphere, than there is about the cluster of tissue and nerves that is called the brain. With the immensely complex structure of the human brain, it is not surprising that from conception to old age many things can become faulty or even just fail to develop correctly in the first place.
Separating the brain into the three main parts gives a much better idea as to how the brain functions. These three parts are the cerebral cortex, the brain stem and the cerebellum. The brain stem is the terminal from the brain to the body. This is where the brain will receive information from the body and then send out signals back to the body to tell it the correct response. When it comes to everyday reaction and natural bodily functions, the cerebral cortex will kick in, made up of pretty much all “grey matter.” The cerebral cortex is the hub for most of your reactions and memories. The cerebellum is mainly responsible for regulating the levels in the body, organizing the information and memories the brain receives and it also controls with the “thought process.”(brains and interactions, NP BBCsci.)
Coming in at an average of three pounds, the human brain is made up of a grouping of fats and proteins. The brain works by firing “trains” of the almost 100 billion neurons it has in it so it can put together large electrochemical signals, which in turn will be sent out of the brain stem and the body will react how it is told to by the signals. Neurons are made up of five parts, the soma, dendrites, axons, the axon terminal and the neurons itself, information is received by the dendrites where is is processed in the neuron and then sent down the soma to the axon where it is eventually sent out of the axon terminals to start the process over again.(the brain, NP Natgeo.) The exterior of the brain is makes up 85 percent of the brains total weight and consists of mostly “gray matter”. Its main functions are storing memories and controlling all of your bodies unconscious reactions. There are six different structures in it that make this possible (not counting the cerebellum, brain stem and cerebral cortex). Starting with the left and right hemispheres of the brain, these deal with the unconscious thought process such as simple mathematics and logic on the right hemisphere, and creativity and spontaneous thoughts on the left. Going from front to back the “lobes” starting with the frontal lobe which is responsible for the complex mental processes, moving to the temporal lobes which deal with sound and some parts of your vision. Next is partial lobes whose job is to interpret “bodily sensations” and last all the way in the back is occipital lobes who's job is solely to process what your eyes take in.
Made up of nine parts the inner brain deals with all of the more complex processes your brain goes through such...

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