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Neuropsychologist Essay

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When I was 14-years-old I suffered through mild depression and self-harm. I never spoke of it, but once my mother found out she forced me to go see a therapist. Not opening up, I lied to the therapist about my feelings, and didn't even make eye contact. But the doctor just passed me as mentally healthy based on the fact that I'm a smart kid 'cause I don't do drugs. Looking back at this experience I wish it had been a better one, it would’ve helped if I had someone that cared enough to notice I was obviously lying about my emotions. Me being an individual that has gone through struggle with their feelings. I want to be that person that actually cares and would be able to notice someone who obviously isn't opening up. Through high school I've been immensely fascinated with the human body, and most particularity the function of your brain. I feel during the time of depression my adolescent mind's growth was in tie with my actions, in result of my feelings.
Neuropsychology integrates psychological behavior and the brain's functioning processes. It is essential when understanding people's individual behavior that it's made important to know how the brain actually works as your central organ. I just don't see how you could not have one without the other.
According to the starting salary for a neuropsychologist in our local area is $71,681, median being $87,041, and the maximum pay $102,402. Texas ranks the 5th state with the most employed neuropsychologists. Growth in this field is 10% every year, it is expected that by 2018 there will be nearly 7,000 new job positions to fill nationwide. It is recommended to earn your PDH or PsyD with an emphasis on neuropsychology in order to land a job in this specific field. Training can sometimes include a one year pre-doctural internship, which would be specific training in neuropsychology and internship program must be approved by the American Psychological Association. Followed by a two year post-doctural residency in clinical neuropsychology. I am aiming for gaining my PsyD through the UTSA college department of psychology.
Neuropsychologist are important in medical life, because they access the brain and how it effects individuals as a whole (emotionally, physically,...

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