Neuropsychologist Essay

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Stephen Correia is a psychologist in the state of Rhode Island. He started his education at Manhattenville College in Purchase, NY, but transferred after a year to University of Rhode Island. He graduated from University of Rhode Island in 1982 with a undergraduate Bachelor of Arts in Psychology. Twelve years later he continued his education going back to University of Rhode Island. This time he was going for his graduate degree in Psychology. He graduated four years later with a Master of Arts in Clinical Psychology. Right after, he pursued his Doctor of Philosophy degree continuing at University of Rhode Island. He graduated in 2001 for the third time from the University of Rhode Island with a Doctor of Philosophy in Clinical Psychology.
Dr. Correia has done many internships and fellowships in multiple places. Before acquiring his Doctorate, Dr. Correia had an internship at the Malcolm Randall Veterans Affairs Medical Center in Gainesville, Florida for a year. After getting his Ph.D. he had two fellowships at the Brown Medical School dealing with Neuropsychology and Dementia Research in the Department of Psychiatry and Human Behavior. Dr. Correia has been awarded countless times including his most recent Outstanding Teaching Award in Psychology at the Alpert Medical School at Brown University.
Currently Dr. Correia is a Neuropsychologist at the Providence Veterans Affairs Medical Center. At Brown University, he is the Neuropsychology Intern Track Coordinator, the Director of the Neuropsychology Grant Writing Seminar and works in the MRI research Facility. He is the Assistant Director at the Neuroimaging Center at Butler Hospital and is also in the Imaging Core Executive Committee there.
Neuropsychology studies the relationship between the brain and behavior. It is a clinical and experimental field of psychology that studies, assess, understands and treats the behavior of a patient directly linked to the functioning of the brain. Neuropsychologists work in either a research, clinical or forensic setting. Dr. Correia works in both a research and...