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In October 1962, when the world came extremely close to the beginning of a World War 3, any hope of achieving peace was almost destroyed at the hands of Kennedy, Khrushchev, and to a lesser degree, Castro. After the end of diplomatic relations between the U.S. and Cuba in early 1961, the Soviets gained the perfect opportunity to develop an alliance with Cuba (Falk 145). Subsequently, in 1961 the Soviets decided to place missiles in Cuba threatening the Americans which became the basis of the Cuban Missile Crisis. The fact of the matter was that both the Soviet Union and the U.S.A. had enough military power to absolutely destroy the world and the only way to successfully impede this was for ...view middle of the document...

Since Castro and his regime had taken over Cuba, the U.S. and Cuban relations deteriorated. To make matters worst, the Soviets had gotten involved and now things did not seem like they would change for the better. To achieve peace successfully, it was necessary for both sides to sit down and discuss the issues. While Khrushchev could not remove the missiles in Cuba without some sort of guarantee that the missiles in Turkey would also be removed in return, Kennedy could not risk upsetting the Turkish and ruin relations with them (Scott and Smith). Both sides had pondered other options, it was difficult to get through without having someone upset in the end. It then becomes clear that both leaders did not deal with the state of affairs in an appropriate manner for a fair amount of time therefore, the unwillingness of Kennedy and Khrushchev to cooperate sooner created more panic.
The prime reason because of which the crisis could not be settled sooner was the concern of appearing powerless on a global stage. Since Kennedy was a seemingly admirable man in the eyes of the public, agreeing to remove the missiles in Turkey would make him look weak (Scott and Smith). While the Kennedy administration very well understood that they had to make some sort of a compromise in order to get the Soviets on board, Kennedy could not let the matter at hand harm his reputation in front of the eyes of America and the world. Thus, reaching a deal was a daunting task. Furthermore, when it was finally reached, there were endless efforts to hide it. In an academic journal called “Cuban Missile Crisis and Crisis Management” by Richard Pious, a professor of political sciences, Pious quoted McGeorge Bundy, Kennedy’s speechwriter. Bundy stated, “As far as I know, none of the nine of us told anyone else what had happened. We denied in every forum that there was any deal” (Pious 91). In other words, when the officials finally agreed to go through with a deal they still found it necessary to keep it low key because of their fear of what the public would have to say. When the American public became aware that the crisis had ended, some details were left out of the story to ensure Kennedy’s prestige lived on and hence the false beliefs of the people about Kennedy and his role continued on.
Strikingly enough, the years...

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