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Never Be A Bully Essay

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Lousy never did fit in at magic high school. As far as Lousy new, everyone had a group of friends but her. She always just hide in her own skin but they all found her no matter how much she tried to hide herself. Every were she turned there was another human looking at her a laughing. Lousy would just stare at them with a shy look and wondered why they always did this to her. She didn’t even know any of them. She never new a single name in her high school and here’s why.
Lousy’s worst nightmare was when her parents told her she was going to be moving to Franktown. Where most of there family lived for many years, but her parents had decided to move from there when they were having a child ...view middle of the document...

Her eyes got really big at how many people were there and how different they were dressed then her. All the girls had short skirts or short dressed that almost showed there butts. In that moment she wanted to turn her truck around and pack her things and go back to her old home and be home schooled again. She new that was never going to happen and she would just have to face her fear of lots of people and it was going to be just fine. She very carefully got out of her truck and grabbed her blue back pack and picked up her head and walked straight to the school.
As she was about to walk toward the school she was all of a sudden hit on her should and girl with a purple short dress on said watch were your going and then she looked at Lousy and asked Lousy who she was. Lousy look at the girl shyly and answered with hesitance and said “ My name is Lousy I just moved her from Florida.” Then the purple dress girl said well new girl get out of my way next time you freak. Lousy then thought to her self I didn’t mean to do anything, that she didn’t have to be so hurt full to her. Lousy decided to just shake it off that maybe that girl was jus having a bad day. Lousy was always looking at the best things in people. The fist hour of school she sat down and all of a sudden all of the students started pelted her with spitballs. The teacher didn’t even seem surprised that it happened. Lousy asked if she could go to the office and the teacher said no I don’t think so it’s your fault that you’re the one who is a new kid what did you expect? Did you really think people would accept you? They all begin to point and laugh at Lousy as she ran out in the hallway in tears. She went to the bathroom to clean the spitballs off of her.
Then the second hour bell went off and before she went to that class she stopped at the soda fountain and got her self a drink and went to her math class. She sat in the first row in that class and looked around to make sure there wasn’t anyone with straws in their hands. When she wasn’t looking the purple dress girl from earlier that day put some hard drugs in her soda that she had. Lousy began to be nervous and ended up chugging the whole soda. Nothing seemed to happen that was bad for Lousy, at least as far as she new. Third hour then came and she started feeling really weird and decided that what she was feeling couldn’t be normal. She then started seeing thing that weren’t there. Then all of a sudden she saw a catfish just floating in the air. It stayed with her for the next two hours. She then began to talk to the fish and she called him Larry the catfish. It was around lunchtime and Lousy of course sat by herself and watched all the children sit down and eat. Lousy looked down and then something hit her face. It was corn that had hit her right cheek. She then looked up and then everyone threw food right at her. She then had no rational thinking she then picked up someone’s tray and threw it. A teacher came in and saw Lousy...

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