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Never Ending Transition Essay

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The realization of growing up does not strike a person in the middle of the night like a freight train. It is always looming in the back of your mind whether you like it or not. It is a continuously developing thought. The question is, when exactly does one reach the limit of growing up? Has anyone in the history of the universe ever actually grown up? Perhaps it is an ongoing process that has no end. Perhaps it is infinite. It is definitely something to think about.
One may begin the transition of maturing as soon as they come out of the womb. When exactly does this person reach childhood? It is not a matter of age, but rather the actions that one may exhibit. As you carry on throughout childhood, you advance through school, acquire your license, have your first date, and so on and so forth. Usually whenever you enter college, you arrive at the beginning steps of adulthood. You travel through the ups and downs of college, hopefully meet the love of your life, and start your career. The events that a person endures is what I believe contributes to the transition of maturing.
For example; when I discovered the marvelous art of photography, I felt as if I had finally found a hobby I would actually take pleasure in. Three or so years ago, I received my first camera. As I began snapping pictures of every little thing my eyes came across, my imagination flourished. Thoughts flew around in my mind, as if a wild animal had been set loose, of what filters I would use, whether the light was just right for the angle, and what adjustments I would make to the photos. With each passing week, my knowledge of photography grew. As a friends’ wedding approached, I took the opportunity to not only witness the journey of marriage they were about to embark on, but also to capture the beautiful scenery of lively dancing, the magical first kiss of husband and wife, and the toddlers running around aimlessly.
As the months passed, I came upon the opportunity to enter the Chickasaw Nation Youth Division Photography Contest. After editing again and again, I decided to submit a photo I had taken at the wedding. The photograph...

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