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Germination and Early Growth of Three Angiosperms

Instructor: Peter


        In this experiment, we will observe and record the growing patterns of three different species of angiosperms (corn, bean, mustards) for 11 weeks. At the beginning of the experiment we plant numerous seeds from each species in the same pot. In hopes that at least two of each species would germinate. After germination, if more than two of each species grew we then picked the best two and pulled up the remaining ones so they wouldn't strip the nutrients from the others ones. My general knowledge of the biology of seedlings told me that they have very tiny root systems and no 2° cell walls. They also are very vulnerable to drought, grazing, and to over watering, which produces at great atmosphere for fungal growth. Because this experiment was controlled the drought and grazing weren't a problem. Being rasied on a farm I knew that the corn would grow the tallest compared with the beans and mustards. I was undecided as to which one, the beans or mustards would grow first. If I had to guess I would say that the beans would most likely grow first because it needs to store nutrients for the upcoming seed production. But most likely the mustards will grow first and germinate the fastest because they are the smallest seedling. No matter which one grows first or last I do know that these species will not grow as good in the pot as they would in the ground because in the pot they have limited resources.


        Day one of the experiment I filled a 6 ½" diameter pot seven-eighths full with Premix Premium peat-based potting soil. Then I compacted the soil to the bottom of the pot. Next I proceeded to plant three species of seeds, Phaselous vulgaris, or Bush beans, Zea mays, or sweet corn, and Brassica juncea, or Indian mustard, in three different places in the same pot. After planting about four seeds of each species I then covered the seeds with a handful of soil spread evenly over the pot and pressed down. Every pot in this experiment was labeled with a stick that had their name, lab section, and course number on it to keep the green house organized. The green...

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