Never Judge A Man By The Cover Of His Wallet

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1. Many parents could tell you that while a dirty diaper may initiate a midlife crisis, it is one of the least likely precursors to an ethical dilema. I would have agreed a month ago, before the night my 2 year old unleashed a new chemical weapon and the babywipes went AWOL. I woke my husband up, ran to the store down the road, bought some wipes, and on my way home I fell head first in front of a car. Luckily, the driver was watching for suicidal people and dodged my head with exceptional ease. Recovering quickly, I found myself quite furious with the object that had tripped me and, upon a solid kick, discovered it was wallet. I scooped up the scattered contents and continued home to conclude my previous engagement. If you haven't guessed that the moral decision I was confronted with was wether to return the wallet, you don't have to admit it as I will probably never know.
2. What options did I have at this point? I could return the wallet, but did the owner really deserve it back? I was angry and felt I was owed something, after all this wallet had almost cost me my life. Would it be wrong, in this situation, to keep the money and take the wallet to the lost and found? Should I take the American way out and just sue the Twinkie company?
3.Obviously a decision of this caliber had to be investigated further. Yes, I went through the contents of the wallet. I found out a lot about the irresponsible jerk who made the mistake of losing his wallet in such a ridiculous spot. Then I started to feel bad, not about going through the wallet, because I had been so angry at the owner of that wallet and I didn't even know him. Afterall, anyone can lose a wallet, and with the wallet being an inanimate object I really had no logical target for my temper. I had never hesitated to return a lost wallet, or anything else, before this one. It was the paticular circumstances under which I found this wallet that even had me questioning wether to return it right away. I kept asking myself if it would be so wrong for me to take the substancial amount of money, or even just some of it, and I believe that is why I looked through the wallet. I was disturbed by the fact that I had considered not returning the wallet ,everything with it, and subconsciously knew if I recognized the owner of that wallet as a human being, I would be obligated to return it. There is a small chance that the wallet in question had been organized once or twice in the past 50 years. Even so, I found myself sucked into the life journey of a man whose random wallet contents were numerous enough to fill a museum. Military medals, ID cards, photographs, handwritten letters, prescriptions, an old police badge, the life of another human being covered my tabletop. A simple photo ID would have sufficed,...

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