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Never Give Up Essay

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Never Give Up
I would like to thank God for the loving-kindness that He has shown me and my family. It been said that life can never be carried out and truly lived to its fullest unless there has been some sort of suffering and pain. Mistakes are lessons being learned from, and a hard past can only result in a stronger present. Although many might believe they are alone in their misery, the truth is they are not. Everyone has struggles. We all have our ups and downs, but it is how we react to them that truly matters. Life is life. No matter what, giving up on lifelong dreams and aspirations because of a few bumps in the road should never be an option.
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After I heard all these information from experienced people and my mom , something in me touched and motivate me, then I tried to developed unquenchable thirst to always become better and put more effort in it. I started doing lessons and doing well on some of the classes that I used to have bad grades on them. Then, I notice that the lesson helped me a lots , not only that but I learnt that I can do very well on my own if I don't give up on myself and how my friends, people, my classmates think about me, I should always remember that I can do it no matter what and never look back to the past but always looks forward and aim high. I sought to get a better academically by putting more effort into the things that I do , seek help for anything that I don't really understand , and tried to understand the concept of any class discussion. However, I tried to put more effort into controlling my feeling and emotions around people so that they will not think or me as anything or cloud any of my ideas that I get to make. Later that year when I was in Senior class( S.S3) in Nigeria , I was about to take my last examination for the school to go to the university. Then I moved to the United States on December 11th 2010. My immigration to the United States was planned by my father, who also got his college degree here in the U. S. After he received his degree, he went back to Nigeria to lecture pharmacology at a state of university. He had always wanted me and my two siblings to get a degree from America and he known that America was a better place for us to have a good education, which also his Dad told him.
As a teens , this was a big decision for me to make, to forget about everybody and always looking forward praying that i will always get to the top of things . Arriving to the United States with my brother, this was a fulfillment because I always heard that the United States is the Land of opportunity for everybody , and had the best of everything( education, job, schools and medical facilities) ….and a journey that God wanted me to take to lead me to the right path in my life, to make my dream come true. When I arrived, I was nervous, skeptical of how everything including the education system worked and sought advice from relatives and friends . After graduating from high school ( Quartz Hill High School), I thought it will be good for me to start a community college to better...

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