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Never Going To Happen Essay

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This paper explores on five articles of violence that study different aspect of aggression. Articles may differ from each other, but all of them give similar result. Wayman (2012) suggest a fission-fusion social system would start aggression. Others studies give similar result from social system and others results. The articles show that human’s violence would not be a peaceful world.
Slave trade was common, and was before acceptable in society. It was the people who need used for slave caused many violence from maintaining and working it. How slaves went through slavery, and their situation with it caused so many hardships, also, sometime slavery was a good situation. But in the modern era slavery was illegal, yet, some slavery existed and caused disruption in the world. Thus, this disruption relate to violence, for research conducted on violence these several studies were about primates’ aggression, while another was domestic violence. This result of these studies gave some similarity that behavior of violence was affected by incurring stresses. Indicated stresses were environment, population, and social as violence occurred. Fry (2009), Parker (2009), Waal (2009), Aldridge (2013), and Wayman (2012) included some type of stresses. These stresses were possibilities that there would never be a world peace from now on. This paper examined articles from Douglas, Parker, Aldridge, and Wayman that a truly peaceful world would never come to true.
Moreover, the statuses of people brought problems, in Fry’s (2009) article reviewed several studies about war appearance on the human timeline of by archaeological records. War appearance was about at earliest 12,000 years ago at what called Jebel Sahaba (Fry, 2009. p. 104). The social construct was being established after 12,500 by hunter-gathers (Fry, 2009. p. 101), and it “May exhibit elaborate economic and political status-differentiation systems…” (Fry, 2009.p. 101). Status difference brought up numerous conflicts even on written history. Nonetheless, social construct divide people brought forth stresses, yet it brought some sort of rule of unity shown in today society. However, Fry reviewed Kent Flannery and Joyce Marcus report of Valley of Oaxaca that until approximately 2800 to 2450 year ago there was social politic conflict or war created by three rivals’ chief (Fry, 2009. p.103). In addition, patriarchy and matriarchy served purpose of unity but causes inequality to the submissive peoples seen in history. Thus, archaeological records of social conflicts shown violence because of social status, also it applied to animals.
Primate similar to Bonobos have similarity of human society as Parker’s (2009) article brought information about bonobo potential aggression during his trip to Congo. We known Bonobo to be peacemakers, and have a matriarchy system. Several reports of female dominance, for example a gang of females’ behaved aggressive behavior on males that resulted with males missing toes and...

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